Jersey Shore shark attacks plus Elvis & Nixon on Mysteries at the Museum

Mysteries at the Museum NJ Shark Attacks
Mysteries at the Museum examines the New Jersey shark attacks of 1916

Tonight on Mysteries at the Museum –  the New Jersey Man-eater shark, a heist designed to net a rare diamond and Nixon meets Elvis.

Host Don Wildman examines the case of the Jersey Shore shark attacks in 1916, that left four people dead and one injured.

Said to have inspired the movie Jaws, the attacks happened along the coast from Matawan down to Beach Haven.

New Jersey Shark attacks either a great white or bull shark
New Jersey Shark attacks resulted in media and hunting frenzy

Most of the victims bled to death either on the way to hospital or in the water – with one having his legs bitten off!

The resulting media frenzy caused shark panic with hundreds of sharks being killed in the aftermath.

Experts have not been able to agree on either the number or species of the sharks involved, though most seem to think it was either a great white shark or a bull shark.

If that gives you a taste for scary things from the sea, check our creatures from the deep list.

Millenium dome
The Millennium Dome in London where robbers tried to steal a $200 million diamond

Also on tonights show the audatious attempt to steal the $200 million Millennium Star diamond from a De Beers exhibition at the Millennium Dome in London. The gang had hoped to ram the building and escape on a speed boat.

Elvis & Nixon
Nixon and Elvis met in the White House, 1970. Image: Ollie Atkins

Finally Wildman looks into the remarkable meeting of Elvis and Nixon, which sounds like a bizarre combination but actually happened at the White House in 1970.

There was even a movie made about it last year, starring Kevin Spacey as President Nixon and Michael Shannon as Elvis Presley.

Watch Mysteries at the Museum tonight at 9/8c PM on the Travel Channel.

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