Jeremy Irons on Watchmen on HBO: Is the Lord of the Manner really Ozymandias

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Sara Vickers, Tom Mison, Jeremy Irons on Watchmen. Pic credit: Colin Hutton/HBO

When Watchmen on HBO signed Jeremy Irons to t5he cast, the word came down that he portrays Adrian Veidt, the hero/villain of the comic book and movie known as Ozymandias.

However, Watchmen on HBO is playing coy with his identity on the series and only referred to him in the first premiere episode as the Lord of the Manor.

On top of that, a newspaper headline seen early in the episode read that Veidt died.

So, what is the truth about Jeremy Irons’ role in the series?

Who is Ozymandias?

For fans who either didn’t read Watchmen or watch the Zack Snyder movie or for those who need a refresher, here is what you need to know about Ozymandias.

Ozymandias is Adrian Veidt, the smartest man in the world. He was a member of the Crimebusters and was a hero in his own mind who believed that he could save the world with his plan.

That plan was to set out a giant squid he created with Doctor Manhattan’s help to kill millions of people. The idea was that they would pretend it was an alien attack.

It worked, as the United States and Russia were on the brink of nuclear war, but they stopped their aggression to work together to stop the squid. This means that Ozymandias was right — but he killed millions of people to do it.

Jeremy Irons in Watchmen on HBO

Jeremy Irons showed up on Watchmen on HBO riding a horse to his manor. His title was officially The Lord of the Manor.

Little is known about the character outside of the fact that he has beloved servants. However, there is a thought that these servants might not be actual people as one of them didn’t know the difference between a knife and a horseshoe.

He is almost clearly Adrian Veidt but it has to be seen how they explain why the public thinks he is dead, as well as what his stageplay he is writing means for his servants.

Watchmen airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.

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