Jenny Slate gets vulnerable about ex-husband Dean Fleischer-Camp in Stage Fright

Jenny Slate from Stage Fright on left, Dean Fleischer-Camp with his dog on right
Jenny Slate from Stage Fright on the left, Dean Fleischer-Camp with his dog on the right. Pic credit: Netflix/Dean Fleischer-Camp Instagram

In the latest comedy stand-up from Netflix, the awkward and quirky Jenny Slate takes the stage in Stage Fright.

Slate’s special takes an unconventional approach to the typical stand-up Netflix offering, taking a more personal approach with bits and pieces of the program feeling like a documentary.

In between jokes, viewers get glimpses of her family life, her grandmother, parents, etc. And while doing so, Slate delves into her struggles with relationships, anxiety, and terrible dates.

But one of the significant setbacks she explains is having to move back in with her parents after getting divorced from Dean Fleischer-Camp. While she never mentions her ex-husband by name or says anything bad about him, she gets somewhat vulnerable about her experience.

But who is Jenny Slate’s ex-husband Dean Fleischer-Camp? Here is a breakdown of the history of their relationship and if they are still friends today.

Who is Jenny Slate’s ex-husband Dean Fleischer-Camp?

Who exactly is Dean Fleischer-Camp? His IMDb profile explains rather than being in front of the camera; he prefers to be behind it. He has made a name for himself in the film industry, just not as an actor.

He is known as both an editor and director. He both wrote and directed films like Fraud, Catherine, and Marcel the Snail With Shoes On. He has found most of his success by participating in various film festivals.

During the AFI Fest, He was a Grand Jury Nominee for the film Catherine in 2014 and also an American Independents Audience Award nominee for the film Fraud in 2016. He won the award for Best Short Film in 2011 for Marcel the Snail With Shoes On. He also has several other nominations and a few wins at various other festivals.

According to Us Magazine, he married stand-up comedian Jenny Slate in September 2012. Slate is part of what made Camp’s vision for Marcel the Snail With Shoes On come to life because she voiced the main character.

Unfortunately, that is the only collaboration with significant recognition we will see from the two of them (at least for a while) because the marriage ended after almost four years. There was no real scandal like in many Hollywood marriages. Instead, it sounds like it ended at a slow boil, with the two merely drifting apart in their different life goals.

Cosmopolitan explains that when Slate made a movie called Landline, she was getting a divorce from Camp, and even though the marriage ended on as good terms as possible in that situation, the emotional toll of any divorce is a huge one.

Vulture explains Slate is still good enough friends with her ex-husband to invite him over. Truly they got divorced because the friendship was there, but the ability to make a marriage last was not. She wanted to be still able to work with him at some point, but the ability to do so as his wife was lacking.

It’s apparent from the stand-up that despite the breakup, she is not trying to make him a target with her not mentioning his name at all. But it’s clear the separation was a hard adjustment once it ended. Hopefully, Slate will continue to find peace by using stand-up as a form of therapy to get on with her next chapter.

Jenny Slate: Stage Fright is now streaming on Netflix.

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