Jeff Lewis leaving Bravo: Flipping Out canceled?

Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis has revealed that he’s not returning to Flipping Out. Pic credit: Bravo

Has Flipping Out been canceled? While there has been no official announcement, it is certainly starting to look that way after Jeff Lewis revealed that his contract has not been renewed.

Yesterday Lewis got the rumor mill churning by sharing a photo of himself standing next to a picture of himself with a red X over his face, and the words “Contract Expired!”

In the caption for the photo Lewis addressed Bravo, writing: “I guess there’s no going away party @bravotv?”

On the picture he was shown standing next to, people had also written things like, “your 15 minutes are up,” “11 years of hell,” “high maintenance,” “loser,” “#metoo,” and “better luck with radio.”

During a recent appearance on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM radio show, Lewis revealed that his contract was set to expire on October 15 and he didn’t expect Bravo to renew it.

However, Andy Cohen yesterday revealed that Lewis would be increasing his presence on radio, featuring on Radio Andy three times a week from today.

On the same Twitter thread, several people reached out to Cohen claiming it was a mistake to cancel Flipping Out, and saying that Bravo should reconsider.

It’s thought the red cross over Lewis’s face in the picture above could be a reference to a now-deleted tweet he posted earlier this year promoting Flipping Out, and which showed a red cross across the face of Jenni Pulos.

In September, prior to the Flipping Out Season 11 premiere, it was revealed that Lewis and Pulos had parted ways after an argument. It also emerged that he had been accused of abuse, before he was later cleared of the allegations.

During his appearance on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM show, Lewis pointed to the drama with Jenni as being one of several reasons why his contract was not renewed.

He said: “Because of all of the issues that have been going on with me — you know,  the pending lawsuits, and also the [Jeff Lewis Live] radio show — it has created a lot of problems for me at Bravo, because I have talked about behind-the-scenes, I’ve talked about contracts. So I’ve had a lot of heat from Bravo.

“They have not renewed my contract. It expires on October 15, and I am looking for a job.”

The lawsuit Jeff is referring to has to do with the birth of his daughter, Monroe. Jeff and Gage Edwards used a surrogate for her birth, and while they filmed in the delivery room, the surrogate sued Jeff and Gage for allegedly using home video of the birth for Flipping Out without her permission.

The surrogate has sued Bravo, the couple, and Flipping Out’s production company, Authentic Entertainment.

Flipping Out airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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