Jay Garrick, Kid Flash, and Mr. Terrific might appear in Flash season 7

The Flashes of Two Worlds
Grant Gustin and John Wesley Shipp on The Flash Pic credit: The CW

The return of the CW’s The Flash after a long hiatus is good news for its many fans. 

Yet it could be better as the showrunners are hoping to get appearances from past characters Jay Garrick and Wally West as well as Arrow’s Mr. Terrific in the coming season.

The original Flash

It’s not hyperbole to say Jay Garrick is the original Flash. In the comics, he was the first to take on the mantle in the 1940s. But it counts for television as well.

John Wesley Shipp played the first Barry Allen in a 1990-91 CBS Flash series. When the CW version began in 2014, Shipp took on the role of Barry’s (Grant Gustin) father, Henry Allen. He was a good support until he was killed by the evil Zoom, posing as Jay Garrick, the Flash of the alternate Earth-3. 

After Zoom was defeated, the real Garrick was discovered to be a dead ringer for Henry. Jay then helped Barry out until he eventually lost his speed and retired.

Shipp did reprise his role of the 1990s Flash for the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event where that Flash bravely sacrificed himself to save the multiverse. 

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace shared how Jay can return in season 7 despite losing his speed and having his Earth wiped out in the Crisis.

Wallace explained: “We have one of my all-time favorite Flash villains from the first three seasons returns in graphic novel number three. It’s very exciting. I liked doing that, but at the same time, it’s funny. I was just in the process of breaking a story, which might have gone, but we’re shipping in it.”

“The trick is to find a new way to bring them into the story that also gives a fresh character of Jay Garrick, not just the old thing. Cause as we recall, Jay Garrick lost his speed,” added Wallace. “So what’s he going to do on the show about speedsters? That has made for a real story later in the season.”

Interestingly, it was announced that Shipp would be playing Garrick in the second season of Stargirl. But that show is set on the alternate Earth-2, making it unclear whether Jay is hopping Earths or different versions of him exist in each world.

Kid Flash and Mr. Terrific

Kid Flash
Keiynan Lonsdale as Kid Flash Pic credit: The CW

Wallace is also hopeful to have the return of Keiynan Lonsdale as Kid Flash. When last seen in season 6, Wally West had found a “zen” attitude while helping Barry repair the damaged Speed Force.

Wallace wants to see him but notes it’s tricky given the challenges of filming during the pandemic, which limits the number of actors on set.

“It’s very schedule-dependent, but fingers crossed, explained Wallace. “I am hoping we can make it work so that we can see Kid Flash at least once or twice this year. That is the plan. It’s a little tougher now because of COVID, but I do know the passion for Kid Flash is still there from Keiynan’s side.”

Wallace further added: “And the passion is still there on my side, and the writers’, to write for Kid Flash. We like we call him Zen Wally now because he’s all zen, of course, now we feel like that’s a whole unexplored version of Kid Flash, growing up and maturing, that has yet to be explored that we’re dying to explore. So stay tuned. I hope we can get it to work in season seven. I’m very hopeful.”

Another planned appearance is Curtis Holt, aka Mr. Terrific (Echo Kellum) from Arrow. The genius athlete/inventor would be useful to Team Flash with his scientific know-how and fighting skills, and Wallace wants to have some “T-sphere action.”

Wallace has acknowledged the critical problem is working out shooting schedules due to the pandemic filming guidelines. It’s still unclear just how many episodes season 7 will run, but it will be far shorter than the usual 22 episodes of past seasons.

“I don’t know how soon we can do it; COVID has shrunk our season, so, unfortunately, a lot of those plans have kind of gone out the window. So I don’t know if we’ll get to it this year, but yes, that is on my to-do list.”

The season is split into titles of “Graphic Novel No.3 & No.4.” However many episodes there are, Flash fans would enjoy watching these familiar faces join the Flash in his latest adventures. 

The Flash airs on the CW on Tuesdays.

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