Jackie Fabulous on America’s Got Talent: The stand-up comic who even got Simon Cowell to laugh

Jackie Fabulous on America's Got Talent
Jackie Fabulous brings the audience to tears on the Season 14 premiere of America’s Got Talent. Pic credit: NBC

Comedian Jackie Fabulous made her AGT debut on the Season 14 premiere of the show — and even managed to get Simon Cowell to laugh.

A full-time comedian from the Bronx, Jackie jokes in her introduction about being fired as a lawyer in her previous life. Now, she has launched a bid to make it on the America’s Got Talent stage. Can she impress the NBC audience enough to win the $1 million cash prize?

The below clip shows her bring the house down with some of the jokes that she hopes will put her on a path straight to the AGT finals.

New host Terry Crews speaks glowingly about her while she delivers her set, before she receives a standing ovation.

Who is Jackie Fabulous on AGT?

Jackie Fabulous describes herself on her website as a headlining comedian, actress, writer, and public speaker — with a law degree. She also provides a touring schedule for people who want to see her in-person.

She’s also been on TV before, including an appearance on TNT series Southland and a comedy sketch she did for TLC.

Season 13 contestant Vicki Barbolak posted a video online showing her support for a fellow comedian.

It will be interesting to see how far Jackie Fabulous can make it on Season 14 of America’s Got Talent. She is certainly going to have Howie Mandel on her side, as he is typically very supportive of other comedians on the show. Can she continue to win over the support of the new AGT judges?

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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