Is Ryan leaving Station 19? Actor Alberto Frezza gets dramatic storyline

Ryan Station 19
Alberto Frezza as Ryan Tanner and Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera on Station 19 cast. Pic credit: ABC

Ryan Tanner has been on Station 19 since the series premiere. Actor Alberto Frezza has been in that role and was originally part of a huge love triangle on the show.

The trio of Ryan Tanner, Andy Herrera (played by Jaina Lee Ortiz), and Jack Gibson (Grey Damon) provided a lot of drama and chemistry through the first season on ABC.

When Andy decided that she wanted to go in a different direction, it left Ryan out in the cold. Still, Ryan remained in a strong relationship with her father, Pruitt Herrera (Miguel Sandoval).

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Ryan didn’t appear on the Station 19 Season 3 premiere, but he did appear in the latest episode, called Indoor Fireworks.

A lot of the episode was spent exploring the backstory of firefighter Benjamin Warren (Jason George), but it also left some scenes for Ryan to spend with Andy.

Ryan came by to visit Andy as she was hanging out at home during some forced sick leave that Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) gave her. They ended up saving a mother who lived next door and had cut herself badly.

Later in the episode, Ryan, who had gone to San Diego at the end of Season 2, admitted to Andy that he was still in love with her. And now he was back. Or was he?

Is Ryan leaving Station 19?

While still watching the neighbor’s kids after sending their mother off to the hospital, Ryan and Andy were sitting on the floor in a bedroom.

Suddenly, one of the kids came in, holding a gun. The kid, who couldn’t have been older than five years old, pointed the gun at Andy, but Ryan jumped in the way of the bullet as he fired.

The episode ended with a message from the Station 19 cast about unsecured guns in the house. But that wasn’t what viewers wanted to know. Did Ryan Tanner die on Station 19? As the show faded out, the sound of Ryan flatlining could be heard.

A quick preview for the episode next week was given, showing that paramedics were tending to Ryan on the floor. It didn’t look good.

Station 19 spoilers about Ryan Tanner and Alberto Frezza

The next new episode of Station 19 — which is called Eulogy — airs on Thursday, February 6. The title of the episode alone gives a heavy hint at what is about to happen.

Adding to the Station 19 spoilers, a sad description of the new episode has also been revealed. According to ABC, Pruitt is going to grieve a monumental loss while Andy pours herself into her work.

All of this points to Ryan being killed off of Station 19. The scenes with actor Alberto Frezza during the next episode may be his final moments on the show.

Station 19 airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on ABC 

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