Why Pooh from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta definitely isn’t a man, but her age isn’t so clear

Pooh Hicks on Love & Hip Hop:Atlanta
Pooh Hicks pops up on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta to meet with Mimi and many question her gender…again. Pic credit: VH1

Ever since Karlie Redd took aim at Pooh Hicks last month, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fans continue to question whether Pooh is a man or a woman.

Pooh hit out back in April after Karlie shared an explicit photo implying that she is transgender, describing it as “truly offensive”. However, as the latest episode of the VH1 series aired, questions about Pooh’s gender popped back up again, so we’re here to clear a few things up.

Pooh appeared on Monday night during a meetup with Mimi Faust at a botox clinic. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fans got a glimpse of Pooh as she was injected with the youth-preserving agent and Mimi somewhat mocked her request to meet at that location.

Clearly, Pooh Hicks has had work done in an effort to maintain the image of beauty and youth — and she’s not afraid to let people know that, even if the cameras are rolling. However, due to that cosmetic work and the shots that Karlie has taken at her, fans of the show continue to question if Pooh is a man.

The answer to that question is no, Pooh Hicks is not a man and she never has been. In fact, she has three biological children and that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

How old is Pooh Hicks?

There were also questions about Pooh Hicks’ age while Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta aired on Monday night. That’s because Mimi Faust brought up how Pooh had Che Mack put Karlie Redd on blast, telling the crowd at her engagement party that she was 45 years old.

Pooh explained to Karlie that they were “all the same age” and that she wanted to make sure that Karlie’s fiance, Arkansas Mo, knew that Karlie was too old to give him a child but that claim put the spotlight on her too and now there are a couple of age questions popping up.

Karlie has famously refused to give up her real age and even claimed to be in her 20s back in 2012. However, when viewers learned she had an adult daughter named Jasmine, it became clear that she was leaving out a few years. In any case, she looks amazing for a woman who is at least in her mid-40s.

When it comes to Pooh Hicks, she seems to be just as elusive about her actual date of birth and her dedication to maintaining a wrinkle-free face also make it hard to take a real guess.

Pooh did say that she, Karlie and Mimi Faust were all about the same age though and they have run in the same circles for years. At the engagement party, it was announced that Karlie is 45 years old, though that is debatable. However, we do know that Mimi is 47 years old.

Finding out the exact ages of Pooh Hicks and Karlie Redd may be a bigger mystery than Tokyo Vanity’s real name so, for now, we’ll just have to assume both Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta ladies are around 45 years old.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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