Is NCIS still the most-watched show on broadcast television?

Mark Harmon up close
Mark Harmon is the narrator for NCIS: Origins. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS was the most-watched show on broadcast television last year.

Season 19 was the last time that star Mark Harmon appeared on the show, and it helped draw viewers in for his final episodes.

As the new season of NCIS began in the fall of 2022, there were questions about whether or not the show could hold its title with Gary Cole (he plays Alden Parker) steering the ship.

The final numbers for the 2022-2023 television season are in, and the top-ranked shows have been revealed.

Outside of this scale is the hit show Yellowstone. The Kevin Costner vehicle continues to be a huge success.

Airing on Paramount Network, Yellowstone doesn’t get placed on these rankings, but an average of 11.5 million viewers tuned in for each new episode.

What is the most-watched show on broadcast television?

NCIS is again the most-watched show on the Nielsen charts.

An average of 9.86 million viewers saw each new episode from NCIS Season 20.

CBS also ran away with the title for most-watched network, as they had eight of the top 10 shows in overall viewership.

FBI averaged 9.52 million viewers, Blue Bloods averaged 9.4, Young Sheldon had 9.25, and Chicago Fire had 9.25 to round out the top five.

The other top 10 shows were Ghosts at 9.0, 60 Minutes at 8.83, Chicago Med at 8.46, Equalizer at 8.38, and Fire Country at 8.36.

This was the first season of Fire Country, and it is easy to see why the network was so quick to renew the drama.

How did the NCIS spin-offs do in the television rankings?

In the final numbers, NCIS: Hawai’i averaged 7.53 million viewers per new episode, while NCIS: Los Angeles had 6.24 million viewers.

This was the final season for NCIS: Los Angeles and the numbers were very good for the 10/9c time slot on Sunday evenings.

More news from the NCIS Universe

NCIS Season 21 was ordered early by CBS, and new episodes are scheduled to arrive in the fall.

Unfortunately, the NCIS shows may get postponed at CBS due to the Writers Strike.

The Writers Strike will impact many facets of the 2023-2024 television season.

Already, Big Brother 25 has been postponed on CBS. The hit reality competition usually starts at the end of June or early in July during the summer months.

And for the fall television shows, Survivor 45 will now be 90 minutes long.

Among the members of the Survivor 45 cast is a returner.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of NCIS are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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