Is Lamondre from Love After Lockup still locked up?

Lamondre from Love After Lockup.
Lamondre may still be in lockup. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup couple Andrea and Lamondre have captured viewers’ attention this season. He is locked up on a slew of charges and she didn’t even tell her family they were seeing one another, let alone engaged.

Their relationship was talked about briefly on the season premiere of Love After Lockup. Andrea revealed that while Lamondre was on the inside, he was still helping her financially. He was incredibly well known in the Daytona Beach area, and when she revealed who she was engaged to in front of her sisters, they appeared to instantly know who he was.

On the most recent episode of Love After Lockup, viewers got to see a side of Lamondre that Andrea talked about. He didn’t want her to do photoshoots, and yet, she was doing one to promote her brand. While she was getting painted, he called her and things didn’t go well. Lamondre has rules and Andrea didn’t appear to want to be obeying them.

Where will this relationship go? Well, if you listen to spoilers, nowhere.

It looks like Lamondre and Andrea may not be reunited on this season of Love After Lockup. His release date is listed in 2026, which is seven years from now. Of course, Lamondre may be in a halfway house or on parole while finishing the remainder of his sentence. This may be what happened, given that he is active on social media, or someone else is running his account under the guise they are him to throw off spoilers from Love After Lockup.



Lamondre was well-known in the Daytona Beach area. During the season premiere, he talked about the drug business he was involved in. He even mentioned that the cocaine was eating away at his hands at one point. So, is he done being a drug kingpin in Florida?

Andrea also had several arrests in her time, so some would say they were a match made in heaven. While it is unclear at this point if she and Lamondre will remain together, it looks like they will have issues to overcome following his reintroduction to society.

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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