Is Katie Conrad this season’s Married at First Sight villain?

Katie and Derek MAFS season 10
Katie seems to be hung up on her ex-boyfriend, who isn’t really an ex considering he didn’t want a relationship. Pic credit: Lifetime

Almost every season has a villain (think Mia, Luke, Matt, etc). Is it possible that Katie Conrad will be the villain this season? The signs are certainly pointing toward that conclusion after the premiere aired on Wednesday.

When Katie was first introduced, she was a young hopeful (25) who wanted to get married and start a family quickly, primarily because she is a type-1 diabetic and knew it would be harder to have children as she got older.

She was matched with Derek Sherman (26).

Katie went to visit with her family to let them know that she was chosen to get married. During that conversation, she mentioned that she was dating a guy prior to being chosen, but they broke up because he didn’t want to commit.

Apparently, that guy has had a change of heart since learning that Katie was chosen to get married because he has now expressed that his feelings about her have changed, and he is now interested in a relationship.

Because of this revelation, she is having second thoughts about the whole “getting married to someone else” thing.

Katie’s mom is all of us when she says during a confessional that she thinks this guy is trying to hold on to Katie but doesn’t have good intentions. Katie, despite her reservations, proceeds with the process anyway.

While shopping for her wedding dress, Katie explained that she is having second thoughts about getting married, since Mr. Confusion (the guy she was dating) has now expressed to Katie that he doesn’t want her to get married.

During the bachelorette party, after the many lap dances that the brides-to-be gave random people at the club, Katie explained her dilemma to some of the other brides. These are people who she had met earlier that night.

Just like Katie’s mother, the ladies saw the guy as someone who doesn’t want her but doesn’t want anyone else to have her either.

Katie is still torn.

It’s too early to tell if this is going to be a problem going forward for Katie and Derek. However, if it is, viewers will most likely not be happy with Katie marrying Derek when her heart is somewhere else.

History shows that the viewers will have no problem letting her know their thoughts about it.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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