Is it the end for Boston Rob on Deal or No Deal Island?

Boston Rob Mariano on Deal or No Deal Island
Boston Rob is hinting at saying ‘Bye Bye’ on Deal or No Deal Island. Pic credit: NBC

Everyone knows Boston Rob Mariano from his time on Survivor or The Amazing Race.

Now, he is the undisputed star of the new Deal or No Deal Island, but if fans read into his posting on Instagram, things may end for him on the show.

With just five contestants left, Rob could be going home at any time, but a recent Instagram post has fans speculating that either he is leaving or his best friend in the game, Aron Barbell, is heading home.

Rob took the young Aron under his wing in the game and met with him on vacation after they finished filming for Deal or No Deal Island.

If what Rob has posted means what fans think it means, it seems like this week is the end for one of them.

Even Rob tries to stir things up by asking, “What is this all about?” in his caption.

Rob shares a hug with Aron and a screen that says ‘Bye Bye’ on Instagram

The friendship between Rob and Aron seems legitimate, and fans have even called Rob “sincere” in how he treats Aron.

After NBC dropped this latest teaser, Rob asked what was happening with it. Is it the end of the “Bromance” between Rob and Aron, and is someone going home?

Last week, NBC shared a clip of Boston Rob’s “Iconic moments” on Deal or No Deal Island, leaving fans asking if it meant he’s going home. It could be that NBC is capitalizing on Rob’s fame since the fans have said they won’t watch if he goes home.

Rob has shared an Instagram story that shows him and Aron hugging it out. The caption is “Bromance?”

If this happens on the upcoming Monday night episode, then maybe one of them will go home.

Boston Rob Mariano posted a photo of Aron Barbell hugging him on Instagram
Boston Rob and Aron Barbell are hugging on Deal or No Deal Island. Pic credit: @bostonrobmariano/Instagram.

The mystery deepens when Rob shares a photo that says “BYE BYE” and again asks, “What’s this all about?”

Boston Rob teases that he is going home on Deal or No Deal Island
Boston Rob Mariano teases his going home on Deal or No Deal Island. Pic credit: @bostonrobmariano/Instagram

Fans are skeptical, calling it ‘Typical TV editing’

NBC edited this teaser to make fans think someone could be backstabbing the other. But fans are not buying it.

A fan said, “Typical TV editing, the kid won’t backstab Rob-he’s to [sic] nice.”

Another said, “It would be a dumb move cause the ladies would slit his throat in a heartbeat.”

One fan said, “I think Aron will take him as far as he needs to. He’s smarter than you think.”

Deal or No Deal Island fans respond to Boston Rob Mariano's post.
Pic credit: @bostonrobmariano/Instagram

Fans will have to tune in to the next episode to see who is eliminated and determine if it is just editing or if Rob or Aron are done on the island.

Deal or No Deal Island airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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Debra Young
Debra Young
26 days ago

I love Boston Rob and hope he wins it all!!

Jane McNeill
Jane McNeill
26 days ago

Hope that is not the end of Boston Rod he is what helps make the show and if he goes home I will not watch any more.

21 days ago

I love me some Boston Rob! But I do have to say that I really enjoyed Aaron’s gameplay, is everyone tried to manipulate him. I wonder what’s next for Boston Rob, if he’s going to win this game or not. He has four women that are just trying so hard to get rid of them. And Stephanie is a real snake. Amy is too but she’s a little better at hiding it Jordan is just somewhere in the middle in neutral. Try not to take anybody’s side so nothing can touch her. But I do love the story of Boston Rob and his wife Amber and that he’s a girl dad I think that’s wonderful!

20 days ago

Only reason I watch, BOSTON ROB