Is Into The Badlands over or will it have a fourth season?

Into the Badlands was cancelled on AMC after Season 3. Will the show find a new home? Pic credit: AMC

Although AMC confirmed in February 2019 that its martial arts series Into the Badlands would end after Season 3, many devoted fans of the series are still hoping that another network will take it on for Season 4.

The series returned for the final half of Season 3 in March after a mid-season break in June 2018 and the series finale and final episode of season 3, titled Seven Strike as One, aired on May 6.

The decision to cancel the series was due to a combination of factors, including low ratings on AMC.

However, the show has acquired a dedicated following during its three-season run on AMC and fans are hoping that the creators will find a new home for the series so that it can get a Season 4 renewal. Fans also believe that streaming platforms such as Netflix will invest more in promoting the show and improve its ratings.

To that end fans are already clamoring on social media for the creators to start shopping the show to other networks, but it isn’t clear yet what the show creators have been doing to find a new home for the series.

Into the Badlands Season 3 ended with the resolution of several plotlines, including the feud between Baron Chau and Widow. We also saw the death of some major characters such as Magnus (Francis Magee), the Master (Chipo Chung), Baron Chau (Eleanor Matsura), Nix and Lydia (Orla Brady).

In the series finale titled Seven Strike as One, Sunny (Daniel Wu), Bajie (Nick Frost) and Kannin (Eugenia Yuan) fight Pilgrim (Babou Ceesay) and Sunny is mortally wounded. The three team up and Sunny kills Pilgrim before he eventually dies. Sunny sacrifices himself to save the lives of others.

But the series ends with a cliffhanger which has raised hopes that the show creators are working towards a Season 4 renewal of the series on another network.

The Master welcomes Sunny in the afterlife limbo and reveals that his gift has been activated and that he will return in time. But the Master also warns that there is a greater and more powerful threat than Pilgrim looming.

Eli (Tom Ashley) finds a firearm from the old world in the Meridian Chamber and fires it.

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