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Is Gus Smyrnios leaving Floribama Shore for good?

Gus Smyrnios from Floribama Shore
Gus may say goodbye to the shore house forever. Pic credit: MTV

Floribama Shore is coming to an end tonight and with that comes an emotional goodbye. Last week, the friends said farewell to Candace Rice who had to head back home for her brother’s graduation.

While season 2 of Floribama Shore is over, it is likely it will get picked up for another season, though confirmation has yet to be given. But, will everyone return to the house?

Is Gus leaving Floribama Shore?

It looks like there may only be seven cast members who come back to Floribama Shore if the show is renewed. Gus Smyrnios has talked a lot about his family dynamic, and it was clear that they weren’t exactly happy with what goes down on the show.

Aside from the sex and alcohol, there were some other issues on Floribama Shore as well. On tonight’s season finale, Gus informs his friends this may be the last time he is at the beach house. In fact, he mentions the toll it has taken on him and his family.

Could this be the end of the road for Gus and Floribama Shore?

The Challenge

Right now, Gus Smyrnios is airing on The Challenge. It was filmed after Floribama Shore wrapped last spring. The show is completely different from the partying and drinking that is on display at the beach house.

Physical and mental challenges are performed and this season is filled with reality stars from all over the world.

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The experiences I’ve had and the people that I’ve met from @floribamashore is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am forever grateful. Them picking me for the show literally got me out of a situation of being homeless and that is something I’ll never be able to repay. But unfortunately for me, I was a little bit to open about my real life on the show which caused me so much stress and grief from my hometown and my family. My family and I were just getting back on good terms when I went on tv and told my past with them. All I’ve ever wanted is for the people I’m actually close to to be proud of me. Idk maybe I should have been more hush about it. And so some of the decisions I was making on the show I knew they were going to be appalled and embarrassed of me. I mean hell I was a saint in season 1 and still got a ton of backlash. For whatever reason I let my drama and stress from back home follow me into the beach house and I couldn’t separate it and for that I’m sorry I know that’s not what the viewers wanted. I wasn’t searching for pity, I wasn’t begging for attention, I was simply explaining to people that I called family and that I lived with why I am so hurt. I was 100% real with how I felt at ALL times. Since filming has ended I’ve been working on not being such a people pleaser and to take care of myself first. I love all of y’all from the cast, to production, to the fans who actually have my back, but before I can decide if I come back… I have to make sure my mental health and my family relationship is ok. Just know whatever that decision is it is because it’s best for ME. So thank you for everyone who’s shown me support along the way, Floribama will always have a special place in my heart. Much love from Gussy and to the Shore ❤️ #mtvfloribamashore

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This may be the new direction Gus is headed should he decide to not return to Floribama Shore. Nothing is written in stone yet, but if the show is renewed, the crew of eight may become seven.

Floribama Shore airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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