Is Dr. Choi still on Chicago Med? Is Brian Tee leaving Chicago Med?

Brian Tee As Dr Choi On Chicago Med
Actor Brian Tee plays the character of Dr. Ethan Choi on the Chicago Med cast. Pic credit: NBC

Dr. Choi hasn’t been on Chicago Med for the first four episodes of Season 7, so One Chicago fans are understandably curious about what is up with the character.

Through other characters, Choi has been brought up several times this season, including an intense conversation between Dr. Charles and Dr. Archer in the parking lot.

Within that conversation, Archer tried to play it off like Choi might be mad at the shooter (an angry patient), but Charles blamed Archer for even putting Choi in that position.

For any Chicago Med fans who might need a reminder about what happened to Dr. Choi, he got shot by a patient named Neil that had his appendix removed without permission by Archer. Neil was understandably upset about the whole ordeal.

That brings us to the important questions that are getting asked in this situation.

Is Dr. Choi still on Chicago Med and is Brian Tee leaving the show?

The quick answer is that Dr. Ethan Choi is indeed still a part of the One Chicago world and that actor Brian Tee is still a part of the Chicago Med cast. Both of those facts seem set to remain in place for a while.

Choi needed to recover from being shot, and during that time, Tee has been working on a few other projects. One of those projects is a new show called Expats about “the personal and professional lives of a tight-knit group of expatriates living in Hong Kong.”

Expats also stars Nicole Kidman, Jack Huston, Sarayu Blue, and Ji-young Yoo.

Brian Tee signed a new contract for Chicago Med cast

The great news for Chicago Med fans who like the character of Dr. Ethan Choi is that Brian Tee signed on to do more episodes of the show. He will eventually return to the show, and there are a lot of stories left to tell about his character.

According to TVLine, executive producer Andrew Schneider said that Ethan getting shot “will affect his ability to do emergency medicine, which requires strength and dexterity and speed, and that’ll be part of his recovery.”

EP Diane Frolov added that “We have a couple of episodes devoted to his physical recovery, and then we’ll pursue the emotional and mental recovery.”

Now, it’s just a matter of time until Chicago Med fans see Dr. Choi again on the small screen and it will probably be a slow burn to the inevitable time when Choi confronts Archer about everything that has happened.

Big changes await Dr. Choi at Chicago Med

When Dr. Ethan Choi finally does get to return to Chicago Med, he is going to notice that there have been a lot of changes.

The Chicago Med cast shuffled in quite a few new faces to replace the people who left the show. The additions of Dr. Scott and Dr. Hammer have been really good for the show, and Vanessa is also getting a lot more screen time after finding success at the end of Season 6.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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Dawn Gottshalk
Dawn Gottshalk
2 years ago

I think Doris is a good character too.!