Is Christopher on 9-1-1 leaving? Buck frantically searches for Eddie’s son

Oliver Stark and Gavin McHugh as Buck and Christopher on 9-1-1.
Christopher is missing after the tsunami ruined his and Buck’s day at the pier. Pic credit: FOX

9-1-1 brought the A-game for Season 3. The tsunami made landfall and brought death and destruction along with it. Christopher (Gavin McHugh) and Buck (Oliver Stark) were spending a day at the pier, and now, there is a dangerous situation one of them may not survive.

Eddie (Ryan Guzman) thought it would be a good idea to drop Christopher off with Buck. After what happened to him last week, he needed a reason to get out of bed. Spending a day at the pier turned into a nightmare, and when the tsunami hit, everything changed.

At first, Buck got separated from Christopher. He found him, and they sought refuge in the bed of a firetruck. As the show went on, they picked up other people who joined them. While it looked like things may turn out okay for these two buddies, the last several minutes of the show had fans wondering if Christopher will end up dying on 9-1-1.

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In the final moments of 9-1-1, Christopher falls into the water as it heads back out to sea. Buck panics and jumps in looking for him. Nothing concrete was said or shown about the status of either character, but during the next episode preview, Buck continued to search for Christopher.

This situation is tense because Christopher is Eddie’s son. The boy’s mother died last season, and the two of them are fighting the world together. If Buck loses Christopher and has to tell his best friend that his son is gone, there may be no coming back from that.

There has been no news about Gavin McHugh leaving 9-1-1 at this point. Christopher has been a great addition to the cast, and viewers adore the little guy. It looks like he will be found by Buck, though it is unclear what condition he will be in. Of course, the show could keep a death like this under wraps. While it is unlikely Christopher will die, there still is a chance.

Will Buck find Christopher next week? Be sure to tune in to find out!

9-1-1 airs Monday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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