Is Blue Bloods new this week? Will there be a Season 13?

Blue Bloods
Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) handles a crime scene on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Blue Bloods is taking another break before the final episodes of Season 12 air.

However, the greater question from fans isn’t about how long a delay is until new episodes. It’s whether the hit CBS drama will get a Season 13. 

As time winds down for CBS to decide, even the stars seem concerned over the show getting a renewal. 

Is Blue Bloods getting a Season 13?

This week’s Blue Bloods saw its ratings pick up slightly from the previous week with 5.7 million viewers and a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demo.

The hour had Frank deciding whether to give a Marine veteran a chance to join the NYPD. Frank ultimately decided the man wasn’t a good fit, but they left on good terms.

Meanwhile, Jamie handled a conflict between his officers while Danny and Baez took on a child abduction case. Also, Erin was trying to prove a man was in jail for a murder he didn’t commit but was troubled at the indication the man might be guilty of other crimes.

However, the show now enters a break before Episode 19 airs on April 29. The Season 12 finale will follow that on May 6. 

This would mean Blue Bloods would have only 20 episodes this year rather than the 22 they had for the first nine seasons. Season 10 ended at 19 episodes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Season 11 only had 16 episodes due to starting later. 

So far, there is no word on whether CBS will renew the show for a 13th season. While the series remains the highest-rated network show on Fridays, the high costs of the cast contracts may be a factor in CBS deciding on a renewal.

Donnie Wahlberg did take to Instagram to share an image from the Season 12 finale and his words indicating the cast is hopeful for a Season 13 renewal.

“That’s a wrap on #BlueBloods season 12! Makes this #BlueBloods #Friday a little more special. Thanks to all who have supported, and continue to support, me and my TV Family. Enjoy the show tonight, and the next few weeks! Then hopefully, we’re on to season 13 (god willing).”

With time winding down before CBS announces their 2022-23 schedule, the clock is ticking to a decision on Blue Bloods.

What’s happening when Blue Bloods returns?

While the delay of a few weeks may be annoying, the series has released a synopsis for Episode 19. 

Tangled Up in Blue indicates Jamie is in trouble while Erin may be regretting getting that man released from prison. 

“When Erin is stalked by a man who was recently released from prison after serving 12 years, she enlists Anthony and Danny to investigate her office’s role in his sentencing. Also, Jamie works to save his badge when he is caught driving under the influence after he is unknowingly given drugs at a party, and Frank navigates multiple family issues as he deals with a troubling medical diagnosis for Henry, as well as Jamie’s DUI.”

This sounds like a packed hour with Erin trying to find if that man may have been innocent of one murder but guilty of others. The Jamie plotline will put him in the crosshairs as he’s already on shaky ground with the cops of his precinct.

The Henry plotline ties into concerns earlier in Season 12 of Henry’s age catching up to him with memory issues. This will all add to an already stacked plate for Frank. 

This episode will set the stage for the Season 12 finale. However, fans are hopeful there will still be more Reagan family dinners to come, and Blue Bloods gets a Season 13 after all.

Blue Bloods Season 12 returns Friday, April 29 at 10/9c on CBS. 

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