Blue Bloods recap: secrets weigh on the Reagan family

Eddie Blue Bloods
Eddie (Vanessa Ray) tends to a wounded cop on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Secrets are never a good thing for the Reagan family. 

On this week’s Blue Bloods, Jamie and Eddie both wrestled with some secrets, Baez had a crisis of faith and Frank ran into an old flame.

Firewall capped off 2021 in a fun way to address some changing times for the cops. 

Cops are under attack

For a change, an episode opened at the Reagan family home with Jamie finding Henry seemingly asleep, but he could tell Jamie was around for leftovers. They were cut off by the smoke detector going off, with Henry brushing off leaving the burner on, insisting Jamie keep this quiet. 

With Badillo out sick, Eddie was with temporary partner Cora Felton (Gabby Beans), who complained of being ill herself. They heard shots fired, racing to find a man firing a gun randomly. They chased him with Eddie knocked back by a guy on a bicycle. Cora kept chasing the perp up the stairs, only for him to shoot her before a horrified Eddie. 

At a dinner event, Moore was pressing Frank to keep meeting people. Frank then recognized Sloane Thompson (Alex Kingston), who had left the London police and now working in the private sector. Before she could explain more, Moore told Frank a cyberattack had hit the NYPD system. 

Danny and Baez were chatting on the street when a woman with her dog claimed a man was harassing her. The man (Frank Boyd) gave his ID, but the cyberattack prevented them from checking it. Seeing a group of people with their phones recording this, the woman decided to drop it with Danny giving the man, Gavin Powers, his ID back. 

Eddie checked on Cora as luckily, her vest had stopped the bullet and the shooter was caught. Eddie had figured out Cora was pregnant, with Cora wanting to keep it quiet as she was worried it might hurt her chances of becoming a detective. 

With the systems back up, Baez discovered Powers had a warrant out on him. However, their captain warned them Baez was being blamed for letting the guy go in the first place. 

Sid was happy the cyberattack was handled in an hour, but Frank was upset this happened in the first place. Moore pointed out the press was all over them for this and Frank couldn’t blame them. 

Sloane popped in to explain she worked for a cybersecurity system and Frank realized this was a sales pitch. Sloane argued that this was just a test of the NYPD systems, and a stronger attack was coming. Frank had to ask if Sloane’s company was somehow tied into this with Sloane simply asking to help. After she left, the others mused on Sloane being more intense.

Philadelphia Detective Patrica Fett (Gillian Glasco) was not happy Baez and Danny let go of a man who targeted women with dogs and abused them with Baez shaken at who Powers was. 

Secrets are hurting people

Eddie and Jamie played a mutual game of “can’t say” and “friend of a friend” before realizing they couldn’t actually tell their secrets.

Danny and Baez answered a tip on a woman approached by someone matching Powers’ description. When they knocked on the door, they heard a dog barking and a window being broken, bursting in to find the woman bound and gagged, which rocked Baez. 

The woman, Iris Williams (Liz Keifer) confessed to falling for Gavin’s claims of looking for a lost dog and blamed herself. Baez was doing the same thing, asking if there were days Danny thought about quitting. Danny tried to cheer her up with Baez pointing out her job was her life and Danny was better off handling this on his own.

Eddie sought advice from Erin on Cora, with Erin pointing out no one became successful “by myself.” She encouraged Eddie to reach out and help Cora as “one Eddie Janko is worth at least a dozen men.”

Baker laid it out for Frank that it’d be cheaper just to pay the ransom than hire Sloane’s firm to protect them. She also hinted that Sloane’s firm was using her past relationship with Frank to sway him into this. What’s more, Frank was trying to get a reaction out of Sloane, which he admitted was true.

Henry found Jamie cleaning out the chimney amid other home renovation jobs, with Henry annoyed at the idea of being coddled. Henry knew that “one day time will win” and told Jamie to back off…although he was keeping the pizza. 

At the family dinner, Eddie was warning everyone about the full moon coming to make people crazier. Jamie and Henry were still fighting with Eddie pushing him to open up on the drive home.

He admitted he felt sorry for it but wasn’t sure how to apologize. Eddie suggested Jamie make it more about how much he needed Henry. She then asked Jamie to give her a chance to follow her own advice.

Trying to settle the secrets

Danny used his typical “psychology” to goad Baez into getting out her funk to help find Gavin amid the “Bill Smiths” in the area. 

Frank agreed to hire Sloane’s firm but at a third of the asking price. He’d also figured out that New York would only be the first of other cities the firm sold security to. He then asked about the rumors Sloane had left the London police after a sexual harassment suit against a superior officer with her upset Frank was investigating her and stormed out. 

Eddie approached Cora, who was ticked her detective interview had been canceled and believed Eddie had already spread the story about her pregnancy.

Danny and Baez tracked down Gavin, who tried to blast them with a shotgun. It was only after he cuffed Gavin that Danny realized Baez had been shot. 

Waking up in the hospital, Baez was met by Danny and a huge teddy bear with her wounds thankfully not bad. Iris dropped by to thank Baez, which was good medicine. 

Frank found Sloane in a bar to thank her for the deal on the cybersecurity. He finally apologized for not just asking her what happened in London and was willing to look into Foster the next time he was in New York.

Sloane pressed him to drop it as she ordered them drinks, pointing out how neither of them called each other and she was happy with her life as it was. Frank accepted it as they shared drinks.

After answering phones, Cora was surprised to hear her interview was back on. Jamie informed her that practically everyone in the precinct had known about her pregnancy and he had called in some favors for the interview, wishing her luck. Cora hugged Eddie before heading out. 

Jamie then headed to Henry’s to offer work on a porch, snapping that he just wanted Henry to be around as long as he could to seek his advice and that “your headstone granite might be less thick than your head sometimes.” Henry finally accepted it as they started work together. 

It was a dangerous hour in some ways but still a reminder of how fun the Reagans can be together.

Blue Bloods returns with new episodes Friday January 7 2022 at 10/9c on CBS. 

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