Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital on Ghost Adventures: Here’s what we know about remodeled inn that has Zak Bagans’ crew hearing voices

Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital on Ghost Adventures
Zak Bagans and his crew head to Idaho to investigate an old Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital. Pic credit: Travel

Zak Bagans and his crew never disappoint when the Ghost Adventures team investigates some of the most haunted places in America. On the next episode of the Travel Channel show, they’re heading to Idaho to take a look around another of those buildings with a scary history that still seems to haunt those who dare walk the halls.

The Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital was in Gooding, Idaho. Despite being renamed the Gooding University Inn and having been remodeled from a hospital to a hotel, one thing remains — the scary dark energy that permeates both the attic and the basement.

The history of the Gooding University Inn

The building was initially built in 1920 to serve as a college dormitory for Gooding College. The college received much of its funding from the Methodist Church, who is the original owner of the dormitory-turned-hospital-turned-inn.

In 1941, in the middle of the tuberculosis epidemic. The state was given the property to run the hospital on it. The actual hospital didn’t open up for another seven years due to delays related to World War II.

It ended up in operation from 1947 through 1976.

It’s easy to see why a place that used to be the Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital might end up haunted. After all, many of the patients who transferred there also died there. It surely wasn’t a happy place to be.

What could possibly be haunting the inn?

It’s not clear if something truly evil went on in the darkest corners of the hospital, but over the years, people noted they felt some of the darkest energy in the basement, and many are too scared to go down there.

Several guests of the inn reported feeling spirits while down in the basement and stories of feeling “poked” have been shared over and over. Another guest even said he felt like a doctor and patient “walked right through him” while he was down there looking around.

The attic is also a place where the energy feels dark and evil. The spirit activity has been so substantial that Svetlana Brown, owner of the Gooding University Inn, won’t go up there anymore.

Previous ghost hunters reported very strange experiences while investigating the Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital, now known as the Gooding University Inn. Due to that, Zak Bagans and his crew said they were very cautious when doing their own poking around on the property, especially when they were in the attic and the basement.

Ghost Adventures airs Saturdays at 8/7c on the Travel Channel. 

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