Ice Road Truckers’ Alex Debogorski on how God helps him face perils of job

Alex Debogorski speaks about his faith in this Ice Road Truckers web exclusive
Alex Debogorski speaks about his faith in this Ice Road Truckers web exclusive

On tonight’s episode of Ice Road Truckers, legendary driver Alex Debogorski is back and faces a perilous crossing as he tries out a new route across untested ice.

A devout Catholic, Alex is well known for his faith and has had “The Preacher Man” plastered on the side of his truck since Season 9 of the hit series.

In a web exclusive ahead of tonight’s episode, Alex reveals just how much God means to him when he carries out his dangerous journeys across new ice at the start of each season.

He says that although he doesn’t necessarily think of himself as a great example of Christianity, his faith has made him “a much improved version of what I once was”.

Alex is often seen crossing himself and saying a prayer before taking his truck across treacherous crossings in the Arctic to help remote communities get the food and supplies they need.

And he compares his relationship with God to like using his truck radio to talk to other drivers.

Alex says: “When I want to talk to another truck driver, the two-way radio is a line of communication. For me, prayer is a line of communication between God and I.”

He adds: “When I’m sitting waiting due to weather, due to problems, due to break-downs, I’m impatient, I like to get there, I like to get the load delivered. But there’s some things I don’t have control over, that I have to hand off to God. So, what am I going to do? Say a prayer, stay calm, and wait for the first good chance I get.

“I believe in God, and I believe he looks after me like he looks after all of us.

“We’re all blessed to degrees and we all get help from God, but most of the time we’ll attribute the help and the blessings to others, or to different things.

“I need to praise him and thank him, for what he’s going to do for me — whether it’s a good trip, or whether there’s a different plan in store, more of an adventure than I might be able to handle.”

Watch the Ice Road Truckers web exclusive of Alex talking about his faith below.

Also on tonight’s episode, one of the Polar trucks goes careering into a bank of snow and the firm also tries out a new driver.

Meanwhile, two rivals cross paths deep in the middle of nowhere, and Lisa Kelly comes face to face with a crazy incline.

Ice Road Truckers airs Thursdays at 10/9c on History. 

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