How to get tickets to see BattleBots – Watch the Discovery Channel robot competition live

robots clash with each other on battlebots
Two robotic warriors clash during an episode of the BattleBots show. Pic credits: Discovery Channel

The hit show BattleBots is now in its ninth season with many loyal fans watching on Discovery and Science every week. The intense metal-on-metal clashes with sparks and parts flying has fans eager to see each new installment.

With the entertaining two-hour shows that started up this past June, viewers are now wondering how to get tickets to see BattleBots live and in person.

BattleBots Season 9 is now underway

The new season of BattleBots had its official television premiere back on June 7. Now fans are tuning in weekly to watch the various teams bring their robots to fight it out.

The show features interesting background stories, insights into the building of the robots, and of course, all-out destruction when the battles begin!

As of right now, the robotic competition series is heading towards another exciting episode on Discovery Channel. As home viewers can see, there are a good number of fans in attendance to witness all the action live as it happens.

The fans that are in attendance usually go for an extending taping session. Those can last anywhere from three to four hours, but the BattleBots crew tells all fans to bring enthusiasm, stylish clothing, and lots of energy to the arena for those tapings.

See more about the BattleBots judges and hosts who help make the show extra fun.

How to get tickets to see the BattleBots show

The current season of BattleBots was taped from April 10 through 22. Fans were able to go see the show recorded for the televised episodes at BattleBots Studio in Lakewood, California. It’s now airing on Discovery Channel with repeats on Science Channel.

Tickets are normally available through Eventbrite, an official ticket sales source for BattleBots. Prices shown at the tickets listing are $10 to $40 each. Sometimes, there are also ticket holders who don’t show up for the events. In these cases, the BattleBots crew allows standby patrons to watch the tapings.

It’s currently unknown when a new season of BattleBots will start taping episodes. However, fans can sign up for the BattleBots mailing list at their official site.

BattleBots airs Fridays at 8/7c on Discovery. 

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