High Maintenance: A fascinating pot-themed take on the people of NYC

Ben Sinclair as The Guy in the new HBO original TV version of High Maintenance
Ben Sinclair as The Guy in the new HBO original TV version of High Maintenance

The TV version of the cult hit comedy web series High Maintenance is finally here — premiering tonight on HBO.

Co-created by husband and wife Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld it offers one of the most charming and endearing insights into a strange and wonderful mix of NYC residents all with one connection — they smoke pot delivered by The Guy, played by Sinclair.

Each episode sees The Guy visit different people around the city as they chew the fat while he sells them weed, giving a glimpse into the fascinatingly motley crew of characters the Big Apple has to offer.

The show was originally a web series featuring short films of varying lengths ranging from five to 12 minutes, before HBO bought up the concept from Vimeo with an order of six episodes.

All the old ones have been moved to HBO, HBO NOW and HBO GO.

In this week’s first 35-minute premiere we see The Guy making a drop to a macho man and his more timid, polite friend.

We also see a codependent relationship break up when one of The Guy’s customers gets in with a new social circle.

More about the people The Guy visits than The Guy himself, High Maintenance is one of our must-watch shows for coming weeks.

Check out the trailer below.

High Maintenance trailer

Also check out this behind-the-scenes look at the fascinating new series, featuring interviews with Sinclair and Blichfeld.

High Maintenance glimpse behind the scenes

High Maintenance airs Fridays at 11pm ET on HBO.

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