Here’s why Sunny Hostin is ‘too vain’ on The View

Sunny Hostin on the red carpet
Sunny Hostin revealed that she is “too vain” for this on The View. Pic credit: ©

Sunny Hostin recently had fans on the edge of their seats over how badly she botched something live on The View.

The beautiful Sunny is 55 and has clarified that she doesn’t care who knows it. She is all about body positivity, as reported on Monsters and Critics.

As she often does, she was speaking to the trolls when she said, “I’m 55. I get criticized often on the stupid social media things…Guess what? I don’t care.”

Maybe she has since had a change of heart over her appearance since she could have averted the blunder she had today if she weren’t so concerned about how she looked.

Amy Schumer was a guest on the show for Valentine’s Day and made an impassioned speech about characters on her show with Autism.

She was promoting Season 2 of Life & Beth when Sunny started reading from her cue cards and butchered a guest star’s name.

Sunny revealed she is ‘too vain’ for readers

Sunny could not read the names clearly on the cue card. She messed up Beanie Feldstein’s name and started to butcher Tim Meaddow’s.

They are both guest-starring on Amy’s show and filmed scenes in New Orleans. As Sunny blundered them, she revealed, “I really should be wearing readers on the air, but I’m too vain.”

It is common for men and women of a certain age to need bifocals and readers, and although Sunny is happy to be 55, she certainly isn’t so glad to look it, it seems. She needed those readers today on The View.

Whoopi Goldberg started to feed her the correct names, and Joy Behar continued to say them clearly, trying to avert embarrassment. The View must treat its guests respectfully; if you cannot even say their names correctly, all care flies out the window.

Amy was gracious enough to ignore the flub from Sunny, and the segment moved on quickly.

Sunny shared on the podcast her love of fashion

Sunny is always sharing her love of fashion on her Instagram page. Just recently, she posted about New York Fashion Week.

She was on the podcast The View: Behind the Table with Brian Teta and told him that she recently got Joy Behar to love the sample sales in New York. Apparently, the ladies’ clothes are borrowed on the show and not their own unless they buy them.

Even though Joy and Sunny have sparred in the past, they are friendly enough to shop together. With Sunny too vain to wear readers on the show, one wonders if she wears them out shopping to help read the prices on the clothes.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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