The View’s Sunny Hostin has harsh words for the ‘trolls’ and ‘idiots’

Sunny Hostin at PaleyFest
Sunny Hostin has harsh words for the “trolls” on social media. Pic credit: ©

Sunny Hostin is getting angry after having a not-so-good month on The View.

She was recently in the hot seat with Killer Mike because he didn’t like the narrative she tried to spin. After all, he had not endorsed President Biden, and Sunny told him she was upset he hadn’t.

He had to call her out on the show live and tell her specifically not to “lie” about him, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

Now, she is responding after the devastating news of her ancestry is out, and some people are upset with her and sharing it on social media.

Sunny found out that she has ancestors who were enslavers when she consented to go on the Finding Your Roots show.

Sunny said of the ordeal that the whole revelation that her ancestors enslaved people was “deeply disappointing.” But now, she is fighting back after “trolls” wanted something from her, and she isn’t giving in.

Sunny Hostin shared a message to the trolls

Sharing photos on her Instagram Stories, Sunny alerted everyone that she had something to say to the haters on social media after the stunning news of her ancestry.

It was Sunny’s turn to be on Brian’s podcast, and she took the time to reprimand the trolls, as she calls them, who have negative things to say about her.

Sunny Hostin shared a photo promoting her podcast appearance and her message to the trolls.
Sunny Hostin has some words for the trolls on social media. Pic credit: @sunny/Instagram

Sunny went on the podcast The View: Behind the Table with Brian Teta to set the record straight about the feedback she is getting on social media because she has had enough.

The photo is captioned, “Sunny Hostin’s message to trolls after her surprising Finding Your Roots revelations.”

She did not hold back her true feelings about this ordeal in talking to Brian.

Sunny Hostin revealed, ‘I have all these crazies on social media’

Sunny has had a minute to take in the news about her ancestry and make some peace with it, even while she certainly doesn’t condone enslavers in any way.

She told Brian, “I have all these idiots, the trolls, saying I should pay reparations.”

Sunny clarified that she is only half Puerto Rican but also part Spaniard, Indigenous, and African American. Then continued, “I’m still owed one-half reparations.”

Brian said, “The idea is this is a gotcha moment for people.”

“It’s so ridiculous! No!” Sunny replied. “I’m not giving up the reparations argument, people. So can you stop?”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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