Here’s why Ryan Seacrest is jealous of Mark Consuelos on LIVE with Kelly and Mark

Ryan Seacrest and Mark Consuelos up close
Ryan Seacrest showed he was jealous of Mark Consuelos on Live with Kelly and Mark. Pic credit: ©

Ryan Seacrest took time from his American Idol gig and other projects like his upcoming Wheel of Fortune hosting job to stop by LIVE with Kelly and Mark.

Mark was excited to see Ryan; they are each other’s “Wingmen,” as Kelly said on the show. During the host chat, Mark Consuelos mentioned to Kelly Ripa that Ryan looked taller.

This tidbit becomes vital because of what Ryan shared with Kelly and Mark during his chat with them.

Kelly and Mark just returned from a postponed trip to see the Northern Lights and wanted to discuss it with their old friend, Ryan.

Ryan and Mark are good buddies even though Mark took over Ryan’s job as co-host to Kelly. While Mark and Ryan may be good friends, Kelly got irritated at Ryan on the show.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Kelly had to put Ryan in his place on the show. This certainly could not have helped Ryan and his insecurities about his height.

Ryan revealed he measured Mark’s heels so he could buy higher ones

Once Ryan sat down for his interview with Kelly and Mark on their show, Kelly told Ryan that Mark thought he was taller, if just a bit.

Ryan showed some insecurity he had over his and Mark’s height. The men are the same height, 5 foot 7 1/2, according to Celebheights, but Ryan wanted to be just a little taller today.

Could Ryan be jealous of Mark’s height? It indeed appeared so after what Ryan revealed to Mark and Kelly.

Ryan told Mark, “So I have to tell you a secret. I’ve been watching the show. I keep noticing these shoes you wear with a heel.”

It becomes more apparent that Ryan is jealous of Mark because he says, ” I got heeled shoes just for today.” Mark replied, “More heel?” since Ryans were higher than his.

“I measured it on the screen, ” Ryan said of Mark’s heel height. Then Ryan said, “I wanted to come in with real power here, Mark.”

Ryan may have been joking, but he wanted that extra height in his shoes.

Fans love seeing Ryan on LIVE with Kelly and Mark

LIVE with Kelly and Mark showed a clip of Ryan’s appearance on the show on their Instagram account.

Fans responded immediately after Live posted a video of Ryan with Kelly and Mark on Instagram.

One fan said that Ryan was “As handsome and charming as ever.” Another said, “Love me some Seacreast! [sic] & love when he SINGS”

Another said, “Love this!!!” a final fan noticed, “They had fun together, nice.”

Fans of Ryan Seacrest react to his interview on Live with Kelly and Mark
Fans of Ryan Seacrest loved having him back on the show. Pic credit: @livekellyandmark/Instagram

It certainly was fun for fans of the show to see Kelly, Mark, and Ryan together again, even if just for this brief show.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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