Here’s why Kelly Ripa was giving Mark Consuelos a death stare

Kelly Ripa Still Hosts Live
Kelly Ripa gets annoyed over Mark Consuelos and his long weekend. Pic Credit: ©

On Live with Kelly and Mark recently, Kelly started the host chat by saying there is panic at home.

Kelly revealed that she could not find her wedding ring. This caused her husband, Mark Consuelos, to question things and ask her, “Are we on a break?”

This comes immediately after Kelly was sick for several days and had to miss Live with Kelly and Mark.

Kelly has admitted that she feels being sick is a personal failure. She described to viewers how detailed she is at home with germs as soon as she returned from her short hiatus.

Fans could picture her in her home wearing the surgical gloves and mask around her family when she finished her story.

Kelly and Mark chatted about where her missing ring could be in their home. Kelly tried retracing her steps and thought it could be by her antiseptic wipes, while Mark was not so sure; he was betting on it being thrown away.

Kelly was not happy with Mark in this moment

While Mark could be upset about this ring that Kelly lost, what happened a day earlier has him in the hot seat again.

During the fun “Stump Mark” game trivia game that happens every day, Kelly gave Mark an icy stare, cold enough to freeze water.

The contestant, Tracy Valentine, revealed she was from Dayton, Ohio. Mark got excited about this fact.

“You know, I spent a long weekend in Dayton in college,” he said. And Tracy replied, “I’m sorry.”

“The Dayton Flyers, right?” Mark asked. “Yeah, the University of Dayton,” Tracy began.

“My daughter goes to law school there,” she finished.

“Well, I probably needed a lawyer that weekend,” Mark joked back as the thought brought up fun memories.

This caused Kelly to give Mark a long stare. They sat back in their seats, and Kelly told Mark, “Go on…” obviously wanting details about this weekend.

“Oh no, I’m done, I’m done, “Mark hastily said, moving on.

Kelly is back with a new podcast episode talking about how ‘brutal’ childbirth was for her

Kelly has a weekly podcast, Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa. This week, Hilarie Burton Morgan was on to promote her book Grimoire Girl: A Memoir of Magic and Mischief.

Kelly spoke about the deception of social media now rather than earlier in her career. She said she connects with Hilarie because she does not sugarcoat anything and is completely honest.

The co-host said that every role she went out for in her acting career was the “oddball role” rather than the “pretty one.” She talked about work ethic and how the internal drive is the most important.

Kelly went on to describe how brutal it was for her after she had a child while working on All My Children. She said everyone who has “given birth will tell you they are on an island.” She then described how the wardrobe people on the soap thought she would be smaller when she returned to work nine days later.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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Kristy Jarrells
Kristy Jarrells
2 months ago

I loved all my children when you to played on there after you left it was boring