Here’s why Kelly Ripa is sad for Mark Consuelos on LIVE

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at the Beverly Hilton Hotel
Kelly Ripa shared why she was sad for Mark Consuelos on LIVE. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa recently shared personal feelings about her husband, Mark Consuelos, on Live with Kelly and Mark.

The couple took an early vacation before Easter weekend and prerecorded the last two episodes this week, which made Kelly realize something at the last minute.

Even though the show was not live, Kelly still revealed her feelings about Mark’s upcoming birthday and what he would miss out on this year.

Mark celebrated Kelly’s birthday on the show in October with a funny joke about wearing his “birthday suit for her.”

Kelly wants to celebrate Mark’s big day on the show but cannot for one specific reason.

Mark’s birthday falls on a Saturday this year (March 30) and the show only runs during the work week.

Kelly shares how sad she is for Mark ahead of his birthday

This is Mark’s first year on Live with Kelly and Mark since he started as a full-time co-host, and it would be his first birthday on air.

He began as a permanent co-host last April when Ryan Seacrest stepped down to concentrate on American Idol.

As soon as she announced his birthday, she realized something important: “Since it’s Friday, we won’t be here tomorrow for your birthday… no cake!”

A shocked Mark echoed, “No cake!” Kelly continued, “That makes me very sad.” She wanted to celebrate his birthday in a big way on the show with cake and everything.

Mark tried to save the mood by saying, “Every day is my birthday.” Kelly agreed that it was like his birthday every time they played Stump Mark.

Since Mark’s first anniversary on LIVE is coming up, maybe Kelly will have a cake for him then.

Mark is relishing his role in Stump Mark

Mark loves the segment that used to be the LIVE’s trivia game. He does celebrate like it could be his birthday, especially when he wins.

It is all about contestants trying to Stump Mark and winning the mug and t-shirt with that honor.

Mark hates to lose, and when he loses Stump Mark, he is liable to walk off the set in consternation.

He keeps his winning streak going as long as possible and is good at it. He is so good at it that he thinks he “can’t lose” at the game.

The segment is so popular that they have had a tournament of Stump Mark champions. The show shared a portion on their Instagram account.

Everyone certainly wishes Mark a Happy Birthday. This year makes him 53 years old!

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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