Here’s when LIVE’s Kelly Ripa will be back with new shows

Kelly Ripa on the Academy Awards red carpet
Fans want to know when Kelly Ripa will be back with new shows. Pic credit: © Admedia

Fans of Live with Kelly and Mark are always upset when the show isn’t living up to its name with live shows.

Over the last two weeks, viewers have watched new host chats, Stump Mark games, and several recycled interviews.

Fans are sure to complain, as Monsters and Critics have reported in the past when it is apparent LIVE is not live, and they even suggest changing the name of the show.

Since Kelly Ripa is admittedly close to retirement, as she often talks about on LIVE, having these mini breaks may be why she stays.

Kelly has been the program’s mainstay since Regis left, cycling through several other co-hosts such as Michael Strahan and Ryan Seacrest, and fans certainly do not want to lose her to retirement.

Good news gathered from the 1iota website that tracks tickets to LIVE’s live audience will be a relief to fans who want the show back.

Fans want to know when LIVE is back with live shows is the website for fans to secure tickets for LIVE for the live audience, and they show that the July 1 taping has sold out. That means that Kelly and, presumably, Mark Consuelos will be in their seats for a new show.

Fans have also asked Kelly on Instagram if she will return to the show soon.

One fan asked Kelly, “Are you LIVE Monday?” One other fan shared, “They are back live on Monday…finally.”

Another fan shared an exciting rumor that needs to be followed up on. Fans may have fewer live shows as significant changes occur where they film.

Fans want to know when Live with Kelly and Mark will be back with new shows
Fans want to know when Live with Kelly and Mark will return with new shows. Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

Faithful viewers may remember that this fall, the Live with Kelly and Mark show will undergo some significant changes as long-time employee Art Moore is leaving.

Kelly teased that she’d leave with him if that happened, in what can only be a foreboding statement from her.

Kelly and Mark have been vacationing in Switzerland

They are off on an adventure whenever Kelly and Mark can get away from filming LIVE, and this time is no different.

Palm Springs and London have mainly featured in their travels, but Kelly teased a new location on her Instagram.

Kelly and Mark have used their downtime to travel the world. In an Instagram post, Kelly captioned the post, “We are Switzerland, baby.”

Kelly will likely share the details of her trip with Mark on the show on Monday, July 1, as she often does.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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