Has a black person ever won Big Brother? Twitter calls out ‘racism’ on show

David Alexander On BB21 Cast
David Alexander getting interviewed as part of Big Brother 21 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 21 is already embroiled in controversy. It certainly didn’t take long.

On Wednesday night, the second episode of the season aired on CBS. The four people who Jackson Michie banished were revealed to the audience.

Many fans on social media weren’t pleased that three of them were minorities. Kemi Fakunle, Jessica Milagros, and David Alexander were all forced to compete against each other for their spots in the game.

It was David who lost the battle to get back inside the house, making him the first houseguest to be eliminated this season. While he may have another chance to battle back, it didn’t help that Jackson had a smarmy look on his face as David was being eliminated.

Has a black person ever won Big Brother?

One of the goals that David stated was that he “wanted to be the first black person to win Big Brother.” He also stated that he wanted “to represent African-American culture in a different light.”

The answer to the primary question can be viewed in two ways. No, a black person has never won Big Brother. But the answer is a bit different for the celebrity version of the show.

During this past winter, Tamar Braxton won Celebrity Big Brother 2. She didn’t start out the season strong, but came on late to win over the jury and take home first place.

Who has come closest to winning Big Brother?

It was way back in Big Brother 3 that Danielle Reyes almost won the show. She finished in second place, with many fans feeling that she should have won her season.

When Jackson nominated Kemi and David, it certainly put some negative light on the show. There have been some really rough seasons where racism was a huge problem and now, Big Brother fans are calling them out on it again.


Hopefully, that isn’t the case with Big Brother 21, but the opening episodes have created some early negativity.

Big Brother 21 has episodes on CBS on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights right now.

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