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Hallie Thomas, Casey’s fiance on Chicago Fire mentioned in new episode

Hallie Chicago Fire
Teri Reeves as Dr. Hallie Thomas on Chicago Fire Season 1. Pic credit: NBC/YouTube

Hallie Thomas was Casey’s fiance on Chicago Fire during Season 1 of the hit show. Teri Reeves portrayed the character, and her story arc was a pretty dramatic one.

During a new episode of the show, called “What Went Wrong,” Casey mentioned losing his fiance when he was counseling the new firefighter at Firehouse 51.

Casey’s words to Gallo were quite important, especially given the backstory of the new firefighter. Gallo’s past could be addressed again in future episodes because trauma like that sticks with you.

That is underscored by Casey referencing something that happened about seven seasons ago in the timeline of the show.

Reeves is shown as Hallie during a steamy scene with Casey in the video below.

Who was Hallie Thomas, Casey’s fiance on Chicago Fire?

Way back in Season 1 of the show, actress Teri Reeves was a part of the Chicago Fire cast. She played Dr. Hallie Thomas, who worked as Lakeshore Hospital.

Had she survived long enough, this might have been a good character to work at The Gaffney Chicago Medical Center on Chicago Med. But she didn’t.

During the episode titled “Leaders Lead,” Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Firehouse 51 were called to a fire at Lakeshore Hospital. That’s when Casey and Severide (Taylor Kinney) discover Hallie locked inside the security cage where drugs are stored.

They get her out, but she later dies at the hospital.

It turns out that Hallie had been murdered, and it leads to an investigation led by Voight of Chicago P.D. (Jason Beghe). This was also a turning point for the character of Voight within the One Chicago world, as he exacted revenge by killing the man who had murdered Hallie.

The reason Hallie had been killed was that she and another nurse stumbled across a drug-smuggling operation, and she was silenced before she could reveal what she had learned.

It brought a tragic end to the on-again-off-again relationship that Hallie and Casey had during the early episodes of Season 1.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on NBC.

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