Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo honors DeLuca actor on social media

DeLuca Last Episode Grey's Anatomy
Dr. DeLuca died on Grey’s Anatomy Season 17. Pic credit: ABC

Grey’s Anatomy presented a really emotional episode of the show this week. It culminated in the death of Dr. Andrew DeLuca.

Immediately after the episode, showrunner Krista Vernoff shared a post about actor Giacomo Gianniotti. She also revealed why Grey’s Anatomy killed off DeLuca.

But Vernoff wasn’t the only one who paid tribute to DeLuca and Gianniotti. So did series star Ellen Pompeo, who has played Meredith Grey since the first episode of the series.

Pompeo has had a lot to say about the show lately, including the fact that it is unclear if Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 will even happen. But this time, she was very clear about her intent to honor the work that Gianniotti had done for the show.

Ellen Pompeo writes about Giacomo Gianniotti

Taking to her Instagram page, Pompeo posted a picture of a moment that she shared on the beach with Gianniotti. She also left a lovely caption to and about the actor.

“Bravo @giacomo_gianniotti You will be missed. Thank you for showing up and being the consummate professional every time you walked on set. Grey’s is a master class in patience and in having to be present no matter how monotonous it may get. You aced it. Now you get to go have some fun and apply all that skill!! I’m excited for your future… and remember wine and pasta with me will always be a part of it!! Tuo amico per sempre ?❤️,” Pompeo wrote on her post.

Pompeo has always been very interactive with the fans of the show and that definitely becomes the case when Grey’s Anatomy has a big moment. The death of DeLuca is one of those moments, so she also took the time to address the fans in a post she made on Twitter.

“Thank you for watching @GreysABC sorry for the heartache …making the show and characters leaving is equally heartbreaking for us,” Pompeo wrote on Twitter right after the dramatic episode of the show had aired on Thursday night.

Future of Grey’s Anatomy a bit murky

We are really hoping that Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 gets ordered by ABC, but there are a lot of hints in the current season that the show could be reaching its end. Characters wrapping up personal stories, the return of people from the past like Patrick Dempsey, and Meredith going through one last, great trauma all might foreshadow the end of the medical drama.

But there is still time for Ellen Pompeo to sign a new contract, for ABC to order another season, and for the fans to get some more episodes from one of the most popular shows on television.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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