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Gold Rush: White Water exclusive: Wes’s custom Superclaw allows Carlos to find a clearing of gold

Tonight's Gold Rush: White Water shows off the importance of having Wes working with Dustin and Carlos. Pic credit: Discovery.
Tonight’s Gold Rush: White Water shows off the importance of having Wes working with Dustin and Carlos. Pic credit: Discovery.

This Friday night on Gold Rush: White Water on Discovery, the crew is still digging into the area we talked about last week. Carlos Minor, an experienced military diver, is clearing gold and veins and nuggets that will rival anything pulled out of the dirt in the mother ship series, Gold Rush.

It’s super exciting, as we lead our exclusive clip with Wes Richardson describing his modified claw. Carlos will guide this “superclaw” as he is underwater, and remove a huge boulder impeding his gold retrieval.

Carlos is still diving and working on removing this rock boulder wall that has naturally protected this unique calm area behind the waterfall where eons of pounding water have let gold settle down and inside of this location.

The potential for a monumental eureka gold find is real and never seen before in a reality TV series.

Now, with Dakota Fred’s son Dustin Hurt ensuring Carlos is safe while following the strict diving engagement protocols, Wes is supervising the descent of the superclaw to Carlos, so he can lock the machine around a boulder as big as they come.

The extremes of Alaska’s wild white waters of McKinley and Porcupine creeks have created many underwater nooks and crannies and what they call “plunge pools.”

This area is where gold has traveled down the mountains and ravines to settle, and this kind of mining is nothing like Gold Rush. It requires athletic ability and stamina. To get down there, you need mountain climbing skills, as well as swimming and diving abilities.

If you remember from our exclusive interview with his dad Dakota Fred Hurt, the two men who previously worked together are now operating two separate teams. They are also in different areas between Porcupine and Two Fish, where Fred is focusing.

In our exclusive clip below, we see how tightly Dustin and Wes are in communication as Carlos is below waiting on the equipment.

The rationale for this death-defying maneuver is that the team thinks there is a large amount of gold underneath the boulder, among the gravel and rocks at the bottom of the river.

This should make the venture worth it — as long as they can figure out how to safeguard Carlos as he attempts this dive.

In the video, Carlos is submerged under the rapidly moving water, and Wes is monitoring him and coordinating the drop of the superclaw as he is listening to Dustin’s commands.

The footage shows that Carlos is a happy man as this problem boulder is grabbed effortlessly by the massive superclaw.

Fans of the show remember Carlos from last season. He is a retired Marine Sergeant and professional oil platform diver, who is working again this season with Texan brothers Wes and Paul Richardson, the equipment managers/mechanics.

New to the crew this season are greenhorn Rich Webster and Arizona miner Casey Morgan, who Fred and Dustin hired to help them out.

Tune in tonight as you won’t want to miss what happens to Carlos and what is under that big boulder that they sent the superclaw down to help him remove.

Gold Rush: White Water airs on Fridays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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