Gold Rush: White Water exclusive: Dakota Fred finally stumbles upon gold-rich ground

In the voice over, we hear Fred exclaim "what the hell" as he points to gold nuggets among the gravel underwater. Pic credit: Discovery.
In the voice-over, we hear Fred exclaim “what the hell” as he points to gold nuggets among the gravel underwater. Pic credit: Discovery.

On tonight’s episode of Gold Rush: White Water, we meet up with Dakota Fred Hurt, who began his mining and TV exploits with the Gold Rush core TV series.

Since then, Fred and his son Dustin Hurt have created their own mining reality show that is proving to be an exciting watch and follow up to the original series.

The exclusive clip below shows us Fred’s underwater POV as he comes into a place where bedrock is near.

Saying “what the hell,” he shows us by pointing to gold sediment and nuggets underwater as the cameras pan over the area. His team above is also excited, as son Dustin Hurt has been getting the big wins, and Fred has been sucking gas.

The three little pieces of gold are honestly spirit buoying to Fred and his men, as they could certainly use that news to continue their hard work.

This incredible change in luck is thanks to a huge boulder, which we learn is a sign of being close to bedrock, as massive rocks and gold slide to the bottom under the falls and any gold found here is a sure sign that hopefully, the whole plunge pool is rich in gold ore.

Last week, Fred Hurt was doing siphoning moves we warned viewers about extensively, as he suctioned gasoline out of a tank in a bid to clear the water out too, which was causing engine failure.

Make no mistake, Fred may be in his seventies, but he can do things men a third of his age cannot do and in past interviews told Monsters & Critics he plans on keeping fit. Fred does his own diving, climbing and can keep up with the men of his crew.

Dustin Hurt has been winning so far

Dakota Fred’s son Dustin Hurt already scored some amazing finds of gold as his exploration was labor-intensive, moving large underwater boulders that revealed deeper pools of sediment and gold that netted some large nuggets.

He removed the boulders and revealed a treasure trove to explore and excavate.

Competitive by nature, Dustin has been pitted against his dad this season as the two have different areas they are focusing their efforts on. Fans have been watching his dad, 76-year-old Dakota Fred Hurt and his crew struggle all season.

The promo video shows that Fred’s bad luck with machinery and unrewarding dives may be ending after all. The area he is mining, Thunder Falls, may well be a lucrative end to the long season of bears marauding their camp and cold unfruitful underwater digs.

Dakota Fred deserves a win like his son Dustin this week; we hope there will be some gold nuggets in his pan.

Gold Rush: White Water preview

Watch tonight on Discovery as Dakota Fred has a change of luck and discovers gold where his efforts have been primarily focused upon:

Gold Rush: White Water airs on Fridays at 10 pm on Discovery Channel.

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