Gold Rush exclusive: Swearing Tony Beets tells kids to ‘make me some money’

Tony Beets on Gold Rush
Tony Beets ends his family meeting by kicking his kids out and telling them to get back to work

Last year, Tony Beets shocked the Gold Rush world by going back to the future, as it were, when he resurrected the old bucket dredge.

Tonight, we see the Beets clan meeting to strategize profits and losses — with a pivotal plan underway for the family.

Tony’s son Kevin is in charge of the bucket dredge operation, while daughter Monica runs the washplant half a mile downstream.

Our exclusive clip below sees us sit in on a meeting with the Beets clan as Tony tests the future of mining. Is it old-school dredging?

Tony wants to test which type of operation is the most profitable after deducting running costs like fuel and wages, so pits Monica and Kevin against each other in a head-to-head challenge.

Monica complains that her costs are far higher as she has four times as many people working in her operation compared to her brother’s.

Her mother Minnie then pipes in and says: “We know your cost is going to be higher but it’ll be interesting to see out of every ounce of gold what the dredge takes home and what Monica would take home.”

Speaking to his kids, Tony says it’s about “apples and oranges” and their hard costs per yard of dirt.

The test will take place over 48 hours, and Kevin is confident saying: “It’ll be nice to see how much I win by.”

Tony the ends the family meeting in classic Tony Beets style, saying: “Not to be rude but get the f*** out and make me some money!

“Get out there, work hard and not pretend to be hardly working, okay?”

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9/8C on Discovery.

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