Gold Rush exclusive: Good news for Parker Schnabel is bad news for his crew

Parker Schnabel on Gold Rush
Parker has an unexpected windfall tonight, but at what cost to his crew’s morale?

It’s a feast or famine conundrum tonight for Parker Schnabel on Gold Rush.

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip, Parker has discovered a sweet virginal spot of paydirt with gold flakes in his pan as evidence, but in order to fully exploit the opportunity he must make a hard decision.

Parker’s crew boss Rick Ness reminds him of scheduled time off coming up for the guys, which is much-needed so they can get some rest. However, Parker and Rick make the decision to cancel their day off.

The find of gold flakes comes as the pair dig out the new site, thinking they are just shifting useless dirt. As Parker works on one spot, he leans over his steering wheel and is suddenly piqued by what he sees.

Parker Schnabel
Parker at the moment he spies what looks to be virginal paydirt

He decides to get out his pan and check for gold, and is instantly rewarded with good news — finding several flakes on the bottom. “If this keeps up, there’s pay under the whole thing,” he says.

Rick surveys the spot and after seeing the gold flecks in Parker’s pan he agrees. He says: “That’s virgin ground over here.”

Parker thinks it would be a “sin” to sluice on top of this new discovery that could yield a sizable find of gold.

The two men decide to meet their pressing deadline and make the other guys give up their scheduled day off. Rick radios the news over to Brennan Rualtt.

Rick Ness
Rick has the dirty work of telling the crew their day off is canceled

As you can imagine, Brennan is not too happy about this. Brennan says: “God…it’s f****** insane that we got all this work to do all the time…and we’re all tired. We really enjoy our days off to get a little bit of sleep and rest for…you know… it’s been a long five months so far.”

Parker is keeping the pressure on despite the displeasure from his guys — but will it be worth it?

Watch our exclusive clip from this week’s Gold Rush episode below:

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9 PM E/P on Discovery.

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