Gold Rush exclusive: Brennan saves Parker’s butt as he finds first gold-rich paydirt at new cut

Brennan and gold flakes on Gold Rush
Brennan and the gold flakes in the paydirt which almost gets dumped on this week’s Gold Rush

On tonight’s Gold Rush, Brennan Ruault saves Parker Schnabel from a costly mistake when he finds the first gold-rich paydirt at the new Indian River cut — before it almost gets dumped.

Watch our exclusive clip below as the crew race to get down to pay before Big Red runs out of dirt.

Brennan is feeling down after being demoted by boss Parker and consigned to moving dirt, sending the worthless overburden soil to the dump site. Back in February we told how Parker was furious after Brennan busted an excavator at Scribner Creek.

Parker rolls up on the scene and appears to be angry at him after he momentarily stops the soil removal work. But there’s a reason why Brennan is idle in his loader cab.

He points out the rock quality to Parker and Rick Ness, who are gobsmacked they are looking at what appears to be a paydirt situation.

The round, rocky terrain Brennan has unearthed is prime real-estate for miners. It’s practically gleaming in the camera shot!

Brennan wants Parker and Rick to pan it and check for gold. Parker says: “This might be a redemption moment Brennan!” He answers: “I hope so.”

Lucky for him, his intuition was correct. Parker finds nice size gold flakes in the very first go. Rick says: “Thos are big flakes. That’s some nice gold. Looks like pay to me!”

Parker, evidently relieved, adds: “Nice catch Brennan, I’m glad we weren’t throwing this stuff away!”

Gold Rush airs Friday at 9/8c on Discovery.

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