Ghost Adventures: Zak Bagans and crew investigate extreme Halloween haunt in season premiere

Ghost Adventures investigates a Las Vegas haunted attraction
The Ghost Adventures crew visited Las Vegas to investigate the Freakling Bros. haunted attraction. Pic credit: Travel Channel

The Ghost Adventures crew kicked off their 16th season Saturday night, but instead of visiting a creepy historic mansion or asylum, they set up their latest paranormal investigation in a fairly new haunted Halloween attraction in the middle of the desert near Las Vegas.

If you’re thinking that can’t be creepy, just go watch a Martin Scorsese film. God only knows how many bodies are buried around there.

Enter Zak Bagans and his merry band of Ghost Adventurers, bringing their arsenal of paranormal gadgets for two of the three buildings on this sinister campus: the Coven of 13 and the Gates of Hell. The third building, with a vampire theme, allegedly has no paranormal activity so there wasn’t much point poking around in there.

You know, the Ghost Adventures crew just focused on the two buildings with the satanic symbols all over them in the middle of nowhere.

So you’ve got not one, but two creepy locations, four paranormal bros, an isolated location with no help for miles, and as an added bonus, a former employee reports a history of after-hours Satanic rituals and Ouija board sessions on the site.

Oh yes, and the Trilogy of Terror haunt is one of the few locations in the country that does extreme haunts once a year where guests sign a waiver allowing themselves to be touched and “tortured” by staff.

Even without any supernatural influence, bear in mind that means you are dealing with a group of people that don’t particularly have a problem with maybe pushing boundaries a little farther than necessary.

Hey, that all sounds like a grand idea. What could possibly go wrong?

Needless to say, spoilers follow except the part where Aaron has to go into something especially creepy by himself. That’s pretty much a given every episode of Ghost Adventures, isn’t it Zak?

The paranormal activity starts even before lockdown

While the Ghost Adventures crew was still interviewing former employees, the paranormal activity started right away with a couple of EVP’s and their cameraman being touched on the back while Bagans experienced extreme back pain that came out of nowhere.

In a chain-link fence maze in the Gates of Hell, investigator Aaron Goodwin picked up “Trinity” on the spirit box as well as “it’s an animal.”

Because the Gates of Hell attraction is marked with the numbers 666, the Ghost Adventures gang believed it was referring to the Unholy Trinity.

After moving on to the Coven of 13 building for another interview, the activity continued much to Zak’s surprise.

“I was not expecting this level of activity, but when dealing with evil forces, everything is unpredictable.”

While Bagans interviewed a former employee who was telling him about a room covered with occult symbols, Goodwin went to do a spirit box session in another part of the building.

What ensued may be the longest profanity bleep in TV history.

It turns out that an animatronic witch with its sensor removed came to life and popped out screaming at Goodwin. Let me repeat, the sensor had been removed by an employee for the Ghosts Adventures investigation, so there was no reason for it to trigger.

Some Ghost Adventures fans may have laughed at his reaction, but that witch was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen or heard.

Aaron, I want you to go in there alone

Aaron Goodwin of Ghost Adventures
Ghost Adventures’ Aaron Goodwin. Pic credit: Travel Channel

The Ghost Adventures crew also talked to a local Satanist before starting their lockdown and while they were in the room covered in occult symbols, Goodwin’s phone triggered Siri to ask “Did you accidentally summon me?”

No, that’s not creepy. Not at all.

While that is pretty compelling evidence, it doesn’t exactly justify sending poor Aaron back into the building later that night for a solo session. Yep, once again, Bagans’ sends Goodwin in by himself.

In fact, Zak even mocked the people who always make fun of how he sends poor Aaron in alone any time at paranormal investigation gets a little dangerous or super scary.

In all seriousness, when Goodwin turned the corner to the hall where that witch was waiting in the dark, I had to give a lot of props and respect for him being able to walk past it by himself. The fact he turned on a flashlight doesn’t take away from his bravery one bit in my book.

I’ve sat in the dark, alone, in places that had alleged paranormal activity, and I can tell you my first reaction to seeing that witch? If it had been me, I would’ve been saying, “Oh, hell no!”

You are a brave man, Aaron Goodwin.

Parting words for the Ghost Adventures crew

When Ghost Adventures pulled out a word generating device in the room with occult symbols, only one word came through — salvation. Out of a few thousand words possible in one of these devices, is it a coincidence that it picked out a word related to religion that might be a way to combat the alleged dark forces at the Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror?

You decide.

Bagans made one last attempt to have Goodwin do an extreme paranormal investigation activity when he tried to get him to get inside a bathtub of blood. I’m pleased to say Goodwin refused. You go, Aaron!

Zak and company also picked up some SLS stick figures, unexplained noises captured on cameras around the two buildings, and a chainlink gate slamming without explanation.

Oh, yes, and the words “evil lamb” on another device. Did the Ghost Adventures crew run into something paranormal and even demonic? Or was it just their imagination? Once again, you decide — and comment below.

New episodes of Ghost Adventures air on the Travel Channel Saturday nights at 10 pm ET.

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Melanie j
Melanie j
2 years ago

You missed the manikins head turn towards you as you enter the room were Aron is with the thermal camera