Ghost Adventures lockdown at mansion where Johnny Depp had paranormal experience

Ghost Adventures visit the Mackay Mansion where Johnny Depp is reported to have seen two ghosts
Ghost Adventures visit the house where Johnny Depp is reported to have seen two ghosts

Tonight on Ghost Adventures the team experience an incredibly intense lockdown at the Mackay Mansion in Virginia City, where Johnny Depp is reported to have had a supernatural encounter.

During their terrifying lockdown a lightbulb explodes and Jay feels himself pushed down a set of stairs!

They also visit the Mackay Bank building as Zak explains this town is his favorite, with nearly all the hundred odd buildings being haunted.

Johnny Depp in Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man
Johnny Depp in Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man

Johnny Depp stayed at the mansion whilst filming Dead Man and is supposed to have seen two girls. Other spectral appearances reported in the house include an old woman who floats around the second floor, a Colonel who sits in the kitchen and servant who likes to keep herself busy.

John Mackay was an Irish-American businessman who made his fortune in silver mines with a partnership called the Bonanza firm, he was known for his generosity to his employees and to charities.


Watch Ghost Adventures – Mackay Mansion tonight at 9/8c on Travel Channel.

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