Forged in Fire Season 3 is here, and the temperature is rising

Fan favs are back in Forged in Fire
Fan faves are back: Forged in Fire and the previous champions will face greater challenges

Forged in Fire is back for Season 3 and the temperature is rising tonight as four champions return to face some of their hardest challenges yet.

The first challenge aims to find out who is best amongst these winners as they are tasked with creating a high-carbon-steel inlay, work that is unforgiving of mistakes.

Don't go to the water!
Don’t go to the water, the judges warn!

In the final round they will be asked to create a Scottish Claymore, no easy task as previous contestants found out.

Do they have the chops to handle this large weapon or will their mettle fail them?

Accidents from Forged in Fire Season 2

This season the challenges are bigger and even more complicated. If the champions thought their first visit was tough they are in for a surprise.

Fan favorites are back for a second chance and the sparks are sure to fly in more ways than one as the competition heats up.

Forged in Fire accident
Accidents do happen, to some more than others!

From accident prone to color blind, many of the contestants have their own challenges to meet if they are to succeed.

This season will again be hosted by former-military man Wil Willis, offering his unique perspective on the effectiveness of the weapons created.

He is joined by judges expert bladesmith J. Neilson, edged weapons expert and designer Doug Marcaida and historical swordsmith David Baker.

Tune in for Forged in Fire: Champions Edition tonight 9/8c PM on History.

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