Has Flipping Out been renewed or canceled? Here’s the latest about a possible Season 12

Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis’ show Flipping Out aired on Bravo for 11 seasons. Pic credit: Bravo

The finale of Flipping Out season 11 aired last night and documented the fight between Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos, which not only ruined their friendship but also may have ended the show for good.

Jenni and Jeff are no longer friends, despite him apologizing to her in the final minutes of the episode. So, what’s the deal with Flipping Out? Is it coming back or not?

Right now, there’s no clear answer. About a month ago, Jeff Lewis posted a photo of himself at Bravo with a poster, where he had an X through his face, and with the words, “Contract expired,” and “Better luck with radio.”

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At the time, many people were left thinking that the show had definitely been canceled, blaming his fight with Pulos. However, it seemed to be a misunderstanding. Jeff later clarified that while his current contract was up, the show had not been officially been canceled.

“They just haven’t picked it up yet and coincidentally my contract has expired. The show has not been officially canceled… yet,” Jeff Lewis told Us Weekly a month ago.

In short, the decision to renew Flipping Out for Season 12 is currently in the hands of Bravo.

It may be a few months before the network makes a decision as to whether to move forward. While Jenni isn’t working at Jeff Lewis Design, it’s possible that she could still be involved with Flipping Out if Bravo decides to move forward. However, she did say recently that while Jeff reportedly suggested she could feature in a supporting “friend” role, that was not something she wanted to do.

Jenni has served as a consulting producer for the show, working later as a co-executive producer and finally as an executive producer, totaling 67 episodes. She also worked as a co-executive producer on the spin-off show, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, from 2013. It’s quite possible Bravo wants to continue to work with her even though she was fired by Lewis.

Only time will tell whether Flipping Out returns for Season 12 in 2019.

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