FBI Tuesdays preview: The teams close out 2022 with some big action

Alexa Davalos
Alexa Davalos as Agent Kristin Gaines on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

FBI Tuesdays are closing out 2022 with some big events for each team. 

On the main FBI, a teenager turns the team onto a new drug ring. 

Meanwhile, Nina returns with an intriguing offer for Scola. 

FBI: International has Vo going on an interesting undercover job while a supervisor causes some trouble for the team. 

FBI: Most Wanted has the team figuring out who’s trying to kill some prosecutors while Cannon fights for justice in his own way.

This should be a good night of action and drama to make the night a nice way to close out the year. 

What happened last on FBI Tuesdays?

After a few weeks off, FBI is set to return, as the last episodes had some good storylines occurring.

FBI had Maggie going undercover, trying to stop a bombing by a militia group and connecting to a member.

It also had Maggie and OA facing Maggie’s recovery from her gas attack and trying to help each other cope with it. 

FBI: International had the team tracking a kidnapping connected to a con artist. Meanwhile, Forrester was suspicious of their superiors putting him on a needless assignment. 

FBI: Most Wanted saw the team tracking who shot up a temple which turned out to be a son on a wayward quest for justice. 

Sadly, Remy not only had to shoot a war hero when he killed a smuggler but was also dumped by April, who realized Remy always focused on his work first. 

With those storylines out of the way, the show is set for the winter finales, which have some intriguing developments coming. 

What’s coming this week on FBI Tuesdays?

FBI will feature the return of Nina (Shantel VanSanten), who was last seen heading to white-collar crimes after revealing she was pregnant with Scola’s child. 

Her return should spark Fortunate Son, which also has the team on a tricky drug case.

“A teen shows up at FBI headquarters with a large bag of fentanyl, seeking the team’s protection from the men who shot his father. Also, Nina comes to Scola with a proposal he is hesitant to accept.”

Nina’s return is a highlight, while the case itself looks to test Scola on a tough assignment. 

FBI: International puts Vo into an intriguing undercover investigation while the team has to handle supervisor Dandrige in Hail Mary

“Vo goes undercover when the Fly Team investigates the mysterious death of an American model in Milan. Also, Kellett is caught off guard when Dandridge arrives looking for visibility on the case.”

Seeing Vo posing as a model might be amusing, but the promo hints she’ll be too busy fighting for her life to enjoy looking good in Milan. The team also has to wonder just what Dandridge is doing checking on them. 

The night concludes with FBI: Most Wanted as Appeal has the team tracking who’s behind the murder of some prosecutors. 

“When three prosecutors are assassinated outside a bar in their small Arkansas town, the team is called in to determine if this was connected to a case from the local DA’s office or if it’s a personal vendetta. Also, Ray feels compelled to help a woman and her young son combat an injustice.”

As a former cop, Cannon might be inclined to help the woman with her problems even if it may interfere with the larger case. 

With so much action going on, FBI Tuesdays are set to end 2022 on a high note and prepare for the new year.

FBI Tuesdays begins with FBI Season 5 at 8/7c on CBS.

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