FBI Tuesdays delay: When do new episodes return?

FBI Tuesdays
The teams of FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and FBI: International are ready to roll on Tuesdays. Pic credit: CBS

It’s going to be another delay for fans of FBI Tuesdays.

After running a few weeks of new episodes in November, the popular shows will be taking a break for the rest of the month. 

Fans will have to wait until early December for new episodes of FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and FBI: International to air. 

Why a delay for new FBI Tuesday episodes?

This delay may seem annoying given that it’s the second time this season the FBI shows have done a delay. 

The trio of series premiered on September 21 in a huge crossover that included the premiere of FBI: International. They each then ran three episodes before taking a break in mid-October.

The series began again on November 2 with another run of three episodes each. Taking time off right during the usually important November sweeps seems an odd decision by CBS.

There are factors in that many shows do take a break on Thanksgiving week because of viewers traveling for the holiday. FBI and FBI: Most Wanted did buck that trend airing new episodes last season.

However, both shows had only premiered a week before Thanksgiving because of the coronavirus pandemic, so a delay wasn’t in the cards. 

Taking a further week off after Thanksgiving may be as annoying, but CBS promises some exciting stuff when they return on December 7. 

The last episodes, on November 16, did see success as FBI’s ratings hit a season-high with 7.4 million viewers. FBI: International was steady with 5.8 million while FBI: Most Wanted increased viewership with 5.4 million. 

It once more proves the audience for the series that will hopefully return in larger numbers after a delay of two weeks, during which reruns will fill the void.

What’s next for FBI: Tuesdays?

FBI team-up
Isobel (Alana de la Garza) guest-stars on FBI: Most Wanted Season 3. Pic credit: CBS

As of now, CBS has not announced a synopsis for the episodes airing December 7, but each show does have some intriguing plots to pick up on.

On FBI, Maggie nearly ruined a case because she was distracted by her sister Erin having an overdose. Maggie had to tearfully cut ties with Erin until she got better. 

There’s also an overreaching arc of Isobel becoming concerned with Rina trying to enhance her political clout over getting the job done. Of course, the fact Rina and Jubal are in a relationship makes it harder.

FBI: International has Forrester searching for his traitorous mother. The latest episode also indicated that Kellett has some secrets in her past, which may come to light soon. 

FBI: Most Wanted has been dealing with Jess’ struggles with his daughter’s rebellious behavior. Also, Barnes and her wife are seeing tension over their coming child. Meanwhile, Gaines had hoped to reconnect with her ex-husband only to find he was dating someone else. 

While some may be upset about FBI Tuesdays taking a holiday break, it’s likely the agents need to rest before the hotter action to come in December. 

FBI Tuesdays return Tuesday December 7 starting with FBI Season 4 at 8/7c on CBS.

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