FBI Shocker: Who died on the Season 6 premiere?

Tiffany on FBI
Tiffany’s decision leads to a big death. Pic credit: CBS

FBI returned after nine months off the air on Tuesday evening, and it did so with quite the season premiere.

FBI Season 6, Episode 1, forced the team to face losing one of its own, sending the narrative in a compelling and dramatic direction.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, the first new episode of the year focused on the aftermath of a bus explosion that killed countless innocent people.

It was all hands on deck for the team as Jubal (Jeremy Sisto) told Tiffany (Katherine Renee Kane) she needed to be more assertive.

Little did Jubal know that his advice set the stage for one of his team members to perish.

Sadly, it paved the way for Hobbs (Roshawn Franklin) to be killed while undercover.

How did Hobbs die on FBI?

Tragedy struck when Tiffany reeled Hobbs into a mission that involved him going undercover.

Tiffany urged Hobbs to follow the suspect into a bathroom, and sadly, the suspect got the upper hand by shooting and killing Hobbs as he tried to carry out the task.

Franklin has been with the CBS juggernaut since FBI Season 2, so this isn’t a random character death.

Instead, it will rock the team to its core and increase their tenacity for justice because the suspect wasn’t apprehended by the end of the episode.

The significant death has changed the show

It’s a decent way to kick off the season after so long off the air because both viewers and his colleagues will feel Hobbs’ loss.

Tiffany will have to come to terms with her decisions because, even though she was doing what she deemed right, she’ll battle survivor’s guilt in the aftermath.

Making these calls in the line of duty is necessary, but living with the ramifications of your actions is another story.

It has started an intriguing storyline for Tiffany as she navigates the aftermath.

Jubal will also likely feel somewhat responsible because had he not pushed Tiffany to be more assertive on the field; perhaps she wouldn’t have made the call to put Hobbs on the mission and to follow the suspect into the bathroom.

It’s a complicated web, but it gave the series a jolt of life as everyone scrambled in the aftermath.

What comes next on FBI Season 6, Episode 2?

While the aftermath of Hobbs’ death will spill into FBI Season 6, Episode 2, we have some intriguing new storylines on the horizon.

The episode picks up with the president of the NY Fed being gunned down while trying to help a woman in peril.

The team springs into action to find the killer and the missing woman as questions arise about why she was in peril in the first place.

As for Jubal, he’s forced to confront the past as a connection to a former case comes to light.

However, he’s also trying to grapple with his son’s school suspension.

Yes, it’s a tough time for him.

No details have been revealed about what Scola will be up to on the next episode, but we’re sure he’ll be balancing his job with fatherhood now that Nina has moved over to FBI: Most Wanted.

FBI airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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