FBI: Most Wanted recap: The team goes on a very strange trip

Alexa Davalos
Alexa Davalos as Kristin Gaines on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

One has to be careful who they trust to help their mental health. 

After a harrowing episode where Hana survived a kidnapping ordeal, the FBI: Most Wanted team had to handle a tricky case.

The murder of a wealthy man at a party led to a complex web featuring a troubled man affected by using drugs for therapy.

It turned out someone else was pulling his strings in a complicated revenge plot that had the team racing to stop them. 

Meanwhile, Hana was still coping with her abduction and Cannon was worried she might not be processing it well.

This made Patent Pending a trip of a case even though it thankfully ended better than expected. 

The worst rave party ever

At a rave, a man (Jim Newman) wandered about, admiring the various people dancing in costumes. He approached one man, saying he was looking for “Molly.” The dancer told him to meet him later on. 

The man was getting a smoke outside when a figure in a gas mask came up, smacked him on the head, and chloroformed him. He drove off as the dancer saw them. 

Cannon was having trouble getting Hana’s TV working as Hana talked about the kidnapping. She said she was seeing a counselor and had the all-clear, along with some anti-anxiety medication. However, she said that she didn’t need drugs and was okay. 

The team was called in to learn tech entrepreneur and political activist Alan Mitchell had been found stabbed to death in his Connecticut mansion. They had a photo of the masked driver and wondered if this was a robbery or tied to Mitchell’s political work. 

Mitchell had been drugged with scopolamine, making him open to anything his abductor asked. They found a video of him opening the safe for the masked man just before being stabbed multiple times. 

Remy talked to Kiera Reyes (Isabelle Van Vleet) about Mitchell enjoying a rich and wild party life. He had plenty of enemies from business to politics and had recently removed $50 million for some big deal. 

Hana called on a lead as she assured Remy she was ready for duty, but the look on her face said otherwise. The team found a farm where a masked man was welding some steel tent frames together. 

The man was startled as he was confronted. He was Leon McCann (Wade McCollum), who identified a suspect as Jake Cooley (Jasper Keen), a student at the “school,” which was basically using psychedelics for therapy. 

McCann was rocked to hear Jake could have murdered someone and claimed to have no idea who Mitchell was. His wife, Becca (Emily Bergl), was the real brains behind the school as the team headed off. 

Jake’s half-sister Julie (Anna Rizzo) shared how their mother had committed suicide and Jake inherited many of her mental problems. She said Jake was fearless and faced his problems head-on. 

Gaines found evidence Jake had been stabbing his bed and books of some very troubling art. Remy discovered an “altar” of psychedelic materials and had some experience with it, thanks to his ex-wife.

There was also a photo of Newman to show he’d been targeted. Two frames had no pictures, indicating there were other targets.

McCann called someone on the FBI and got some “special pills.” Hearing a noise, he headed to another part of the school, where he was tackled and stabbed by a masked figure. 

Who’s really running the show?

The team checked the crime scene the next morning and found that Jake had stolen some pill bottles. Becca arrived and seemed shocked to learn her husband was dead. 

Becca denied any relationship with Jake beyond being a teacher. He’d been affected by his mother’s death and worked as a handyman to pay off his school fees. 

At a cemetery, Jake knocked out a gravedigger and then smashed up his mother’s gravestone to remove a box hidden inside.

They realized today was Jake’s mother’s birthday, which may have set him off in a drug-induced state. A pill left behind at the scene was used by Regga Health, the start-up company Mitchell was going to invest in.

Cannon talked to the CEO, Magnus Karlsson (Peter Trojgaard), who was shocked to hear of the murders. He identified the pill as a new type of drug awaiting FDA approval. Becca had come up with something similar, but Magnus had bought the rights to the pills and the farm in a settlement as it turned out Becca and Leon were getting divorced.

Becca was at her home, watching Jake cook some drugs. She was the one who talked Jake into killing Leon and Mitchell for stealing her work. She pushed Jake into going on another drug trip and promised never to abandon him. 

The team raided Becca’s home, where they briefly believed Jake was obsessed with her to kidnap her. But the drugs on the scene made them realize Becca was the one running the show. 

Gaines and Barnes talked to James Bleckley (Robert Vincent Smith), Becca’s teacher, who summed her up as volatile. He agreed Magnus was stealing Becca’s patent but that Becca’s new drug concoction was far too dangerous for anyone. 

The team figured that Becca was controlling Jake with the drugs to go after the people she blamed for stealing her life’s work. They figured Magnus was next as he was speaking at a hotel event nearby. 

Disguised as workers, Becca and Jake infiltrated the event, with Jake surprised to see Becca had a gun. She assured him it would be okay as he tried to refuse another dose.

The trip ends in a nasty fall

Magnus refused to call the event off as the team kept their eyes open. As he began his presentation, Gaines found Becca’s car with a box of pills inside. 

As Magnus began slurring some words, Hana found evidence of Jake having posed as a worker. Magnus and other board members began coughing before collapsing as Remy realized Becca and Jake had drugged the water. 

Even if Magnus survived, he could kiss his investor money goodbye, so Becca got her revenge. The team tried to zero in on Jake and Becca and realized they were near the spot Jake’s mother had jumped from. 

At the gorge, Becca told Jake he’d done well and just needed to take one final step. As in right off the bridge to the river below. The team figured that Becca had played on Jake’s maternal love to control him. 

Gaines read from Jake’s journal to realize he’d seen his mother jump as the police reported seeing the pair on the bridge. The team showed up as Becca tried to act as if Jake had kidnapped her, but Remy cut her off. 

Remy tried to talk Jake down as Becca encouraged him to jump. Remy told Jake it didn’t have to end like his mother and used the words from his journal to make him stop.

Becca pulled a gun only for the agents to shoot her, sending Becca falling off the bridge. Jake was rocked and ready to jump, but Barnes and Cannon were able to pull him back onto the bridge. 

Hana and Cannon summed up how Becca had hoped to frame Jake for all this, have him kill himself, and then market the drugs on her own. Looking at her medication, Hana said she couldn’t understand people thinking a pill could solve their problems.

Cannon told her medication could help, but “sometimes we have to walk out of the darkness on our own.” He took Hana up to the roof, where he’d set up a tee to hit golf balls into the river as “therapy.” Hana joined him as she realized this really did help.

It was a tough case as a reminder one has to be careful who they turn to for help. However, like Jake, Hana had a chance to escape her own darkness.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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