FBI: Most Wanted recap: The team race to find a kidnapped Hana

Keisha Castle-Hughes
Keisha Castle-Hughes as Hana Gibson on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

The FBI: Most Wanted team never had a manhunt like this before.

After a case of a treasure hunt turned deadly, the Fugitive Task Force was put in the place of rescuing one of their own.

When Hana was kidnapped on her way to meet her sister, the team pulled out all the stops to find and rescue her.

Meanwhile, Hana and that girl had to deal with some twisted captors and their dark plans for both of them. 

It was a powerful hour that also shed light on Hana’s background and why she joined the FBI.

This made Chains a stunning episode that gave Keisha Castle-Hughes a chance to shine as the quirky computer expert showed her backbone. 

An agent is abducted

Hana was packing to go see her sister, telling Cannon how to handle things and hopeful he’d do it better than Crosby did. 

On her way to Connecticut, Hana called Casey (Kate Eastman) to check on her progress. She pulled into a rest stop, taking a quick selfie of herself to send to Casey before being distracted by a deer.

As she washed up in the restroom, Hana saw the girl next to her (Dalya Knapp) washing her hands with markings over her wrists. She texted a message on her phone if the girl needed help, and she silently nodded back while looking at the other woman occupying the bathroom. 

Hana asked the woman how the girl got the bruises. The woman grabbed the girl, who she called Ollie, to drag her out. As Hana followed them, someone hit her over the back of the head. 

Waking up bound and gagged in the backseat of a car, Hana heard the two people in the front arguing about what to do with her. The man suggested using her for the “pleasure” of some men to ruin her. 

The car pulled into a motel as the man gloated about the money they could be earning. They then knocked Hana out with chloroform.

Remy was awoken by a call from a frantic Casey about Hana being missing. Knowing this could be bad, Remy quickly started calling the team. 

The FBI was soon on the case as they got a hit on the area of the photo Hana had sent. They then found a report her car had been ticketed.

Cannon was forced to point out the irony that the one person they could use to crack the signal and the photo was the very person they were trying to find. 

Waking up in the car, Hana was confronted by the male kidnapper (Jason Gray-Stanford), who gloated, “In 24 hours, you’ll give anything to be back in this van.” He also threatened to hurt Ollie if she tried to run.

The team and the cops found the rest stop with her broken phone. Casey showed up as Remy promised her they’d do everything possible to find Hana. Gaines began piecing together the clues from the garbage, leading to a nearby drive-thru. 

A wicked home visit

The van pulled up to a large manor as a man named Doug (Jim Meskimen) seemed more annoyed than upset at a kidnapped FBI agent before gushing on Ollie, who called him “Uncle Doug.” 

The main kidnappers dragged Hana into the mansion as Doug said Ollie would have to stay an extra week. They dropped her into a nice bedroom as Doug gave Ollie a present before chaining her leg to the bed. He told Hana to scream all she wanted as the room was soundproofed.

Remy was annoyed at the local drive-thru’s bad security cameras, but luckily, they got a credit card hit on Brad Wallace, Hana’s kidnapper. They found plenty of charges to fast food places but nothing for hotels. 

Hana was on her feet and surprised to hear Brad was Ollie’s father, as the girl was only 12. The girl didn’t seem to understand how serious this was as she talked about her dreams of being a singer. The fact she didn’t even know what wi-fi was indicated she had a very sheltered life. 

When Hana mentioned Casey, Ollie said she was glad she didn’t have a sister as “They might hurt her too.” Hana’s talk of Casey was interrupted by Brad and Doug entering with some cameras. Hana tried to fight back, only for Brad’s wife Heather (Amanda Corday) to chloroform her again as they dragged her out, leaving Ollie with Doug. 

The team got a call from Trent Rowe (Rafael Jordan), a Massachusetts FBI agent sharing the troubling news of evidence of child abuse at the Wallace home. He sent them a pic of Brad and Heather, but it seemed Ollie was the daughter of Brad’s first wife, Elyse (Eleanor Pearson). Rowe called them back to share that Wallace had been sending a lot of data to someone in Deerfield.

Waking up again, Hana found herself in the dining room with Heather playing a game on her phone. Doug searched Hana to find she’d pocketed a fork and chastised Brad and Heather for missing it. However, Hana was more concerned with the troubled Ollie.

At a junkyard in Deerfield, the agents grabbed a suspect, Remy roughing him up. He yelled out, “I’m not letting another person die on me!” There was little evidence of a computer, so Remy decided to go low-tech.

Hana tried to help Ollie by looking under her bed for monsters, the girl saying, “I’ll be good so they’ll stop.” Hana assured her whatever happened wasn’t her fault and promised she’d help Ollie. 

Ollie and Hana talked about Hana’s problems with Casey and how they overcame them. Hana managed to pick her handcuffs and worked on her ankle lock.

Remy noted how child abuse and pornography sadly boomed during the pandemic. They brought in a search dog who could sniff out the materials on the missing computer and found the laptop.

Hana shares her pain

The team cracked his laptop to make the horrifying discovery that Brad was selling his own daughter to various pedophiles. They realized one room had custom soundproofing for the windows.

Elyse arrived to say she hadn’t spoken to Brad or Ollie for years and had lost custody because of her drug habit. Remy showed her the photo of the room with Elyse soon seeing what else was on it and horrified for her daughter. She pulled it together to talk about Ollie’s “uncle.”

Hana managed to free Ollie and then pulled a tech move that would make MacGyver proud by using Ollie’s music player to open the door’s electronic lock.

Doug was Douglas Sandwood, a tech CEO with several houses, including New Hampshire. Remy was worried about getting the wrong house and tipping Doug off, but the contractors for the soundproofing were a lead.

As Hana and Ollie made their way through the halls, Hana heard a baby cry out. Keeping Ollie hidden, Hana found Heather looking after a baby. The two fought, with Hana throwing Heather through a table and punching her out. She then took the baby to join Ollie and started running.

The team was having trouble cutting through red tape until Barnes finally found out the New Hampshire house was the one, and they raced to it.

Hana and Ollie made it to the road with Hana waving down a car, only to realize it was Brad. She gave the baby to Ollie to run as she stood there waiting for him and his accomplice. As the other man went after Ollie, Brad gloated that Hana was in for a world of hurt, and then a squad of police cars hemmed him in from both sides.

Brad foolishly tried to fight back and was gunned down by Remy and Cannon while the accomplice surrendered himself. Hana raced to the woods to find Ollie, the two tearfully hugging as their ordeal ended. 

Casey reunited with Hana, thrown by her sister’s wounds as they embraced. The baby was ready to be returned to her family while Doug and Heather were arrested. 

Hana saw Ollie crying as she was led to an ambulance. She raced over to tell the girl it was all right as Elyse arrived. Ollie hugged her mother as Hana finished her story about Casey. 

She told Ollie that she had the choice of “Sing the same sad song over and over again or sing a new song.” 

Ollie was worried she’d never get better as Hana confessed her story was never about Casey but about her own attack long ago. She’d been raped, using her computer skills to get back at the guy and was arrested for it. Jess stepped in to let Hana work it off with the FBI. 

Hana admitted the pain never went away, but said “I made the choice to take the painful song off repeat.” She promised Ollie it would be all right and accompanied her to the hospital.

It was a stunning hour that showed some amazing drama for Hana as well as her backstory to show why she’s a survivor.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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