FBI: Most Wanted recap: The team deals with a tough case with a Hitchcockian plot

FBI Most Wanted
Remy Scott (Dylan McDermott) meets his mother (Catherine Wolf) and sister (Rebecca Brooksher) on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

Sometimes, the people closest to you cause the most pain.

After handling a case where two soldiers on opposite sides became unlikely allies, the FBI: Most Wanted team dealt with a murder case that had its own surprising turns.

Meanwhile, Remy had to handle a tough time with his family life, which shed insight into what drives the new team leader as Whack Job made for a powerful episode. 

Witness Protection isn’t so protective

Somewhere in a quiet suburban neighborhood, a young teen (Abigail Donaghy) ran out of a house, steps ahead of a woman (Christine Spang) who got into a car and then ran the girl over. 

Elsewhere, a couple argued about the woman’s overspending, the man pulling a knife. They were interrupted by the police, with Janine Viano (Diane Davis) defusing the situation calmly. She and partner Justin Hill (Aaron Joseph Nelson) heard of a hit and run that Janine identified as being on her street.

Arriving on the scene, Janine was shocked to see the victim was her own stepdaughter, Bailey. She asked Justin to check on her husband, Larry, inside. He did only to find Larry shot dead. 

Pulling up to a nice house, Remy met his sister Claire (Rebecca Brooksher) and headed to meet his mother, Betsy (Catherine Wolf). It was clear things had gotten worse for Betsy as she thought Remy was his late brother, Michael. He was upset with Claire for keeping this from him but was interrupted by word of a case.

Hana explained the team catching the case that “Larry Lewis” was really Ralph Fazzini, a low-level mobster who’d been in witness protection. The team could tell something was affecting Remy as he tried to focus on the case. 

At the hospital, Janine was shocked to discover just who her husband really was. She had no idea who could have done any of this and wanted payback.

Justin showed Hana and Ortiz the crime scene and knew of no issues between Larry and Janine. It seemed Ralph had flipped on some of his mob bosses, meaning a lot of people wanted him dead.

At a New York restaurant, Larry’s killer argued about business while her husband (Michael Padula) complained about his security cameras being off. As the woman left, Janine showed up, claiming to be checking a disturbance. As soon as the man let her in, she slit his throat and walked out. 

A surprising partnership takes place

Remy and Gaines talked to a recovering Bailey, who had heard some noises and found her father dead to flee the killer. A broken headlight led to a repair shop where the mechanic shared the car’s ID, which led to Kyra McCall. 

Remy and Gaines tracked one of the addresses to the restaurant to hear how Tripp Anderson was murdered. The whole thing smelled rotten, with Remy stating, “I don’t believe in coincidences.”

Janine and Kyra met at a spa, Kyra handing over the murder weapon. Janine warned her of the photo of Kyra at the car with Kyra defending herself on Bailey being home, but Janine said, “never leave a witness.”

It turned out Janine had never liked Larry or Bailey and was angry about them keeping money from her even without knowing Larry was a crook. Meanwhile, Kyra was upset that Tripp was stealing her restaurant from under her and sleeping with a waitress. So, in a plot straight out of Hitchcock, they agreed to kill the other’s husband.

Ortiz and Hana spotted Kyra on the move, but she gave them the slip. Remy and Gaines hit another address to meet Ramon Acosta (Randy Ramos Jr), who provided an alibi of Kyra being with him when Tripp was killed. He did acknowledge Kyra was the reason the restaurant was a success, only for Tripp to cheat on her and sell the bar out from under her. 

Obviously, there was a motive, but Kyra had an alibi. The team realized Kyra and Janine went to the same spa and quickly unraveled the scheme. 

Janine had Kyra at a safe house and explained that with Bailey surviving, it was only a matter of time before they were found out. That meant killing Bailey to keep them safe, as it was clear the pair were more than just friends. 

Janine’s captain couldn’t believe she’d do this as Justin shared that Larry was hiding funds while Bailey ran up big credit card debts. 

“A partnership is like a family,” Remy said. “But sometimes it’s the people we’re closest to that hurt us the most.” Justin had to admit he didn’t fully trust Janine. 

Finishing the partnership off

Hana revealed Larry had been hiding money via some scams while Janine was struggling to make ends meet. They heard of a strange visitor at the hospital and raced there.

While Janine lured the guard away with a fake distress call, Kyra headed into Bailey’s room with a syringe of poison. She hesitated when a nurse entered and in the struggle, Kyra injected her before running out. Gaines and Justin worked to save the nurse as Kyra escaped.

Bailey identified Kyra as the killer as Remy had to break it to her Janine was behind all this. Remy used his experience with his brother to help Bailey cope with this. 

Janine checked in on the shelter for abused women that Kyra was hiding in. Knowing she was next on the “clean-up” list, Kyra hid, but Janine used her police skills to track her down.

Gaines admitted as a mother, she couldn’t imagine someone wanting to kill their own child. The team found a clue to the shelter in time to find Kyra’s body. 

Janine headed to Justin’s for help, claiming she was being framed even as he noted the wounds on her hands. She brought up saving his life from a perp years ago, and he owed her at least a drive out of town. 

With Justin calling in sick, the team quickly tracked his car. But deciding he wasn’t getting in deeper, Justin pulled the car over, only for Janine to pull a gun on him. She tried to use him as a hostage while Justin tapped the brakes to spell out a message in morse code.

Realizing he was saying “safe,” the agents moved in. Janine pulled the trigger only to discover Justin had jammed her gun back at the apartment and was swiftly arrested. The team complimented Justin for his cool head in all this. 

Remy showed Claire a brochure on a nursing home, arguing it was finally time for their mother to get help and for Claire to move out of the family home. She fired back that she’d been the one taking care of Betsy while Remy was always away.

Remy confessed that right after their brother’s death, Betsy openly told Remy, “I wish it was you.” That drove him away from the family for years. 

Claire responded that Betsy always talked to friends about being proud of Remy. He suggested they could live together as the siblings shared a meal. 

It was an intriguing case between two obsessive women while Remy found himself handling a delicate family matter.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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