FBI: Most Wanted has first look at Dylan McDermott’s new boss

Dylan McDermott
Dylan McDermott as Agent Remy Scott on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

It’s time to meet the new boss on FBI: Most Wanted.

People Magazine and CBS have released the first images of Dylan McDermott as Remy Scott, the new lead on the hit spin-off. 

With his debut coming in the April 12 episode, McDermott is ready to push the series in a bold new direction.

The FBI: Most Wanted cast turnover has been wild

FBI: Most Wanted fans have been on a roller-coaster when it comes to casting and character changes in Season 3. 

As the season opened, Hana was explained as visiting her sick mother. This was due to Keisha Castle-Hughes giving birth in the summer of 2021. Hana finally returned in Episode 5.

The three-part FBI crossover had Crosby (Kellan Lutz) shot in the line of duty. While he recovered, Lutz announced he was leaving the show to be with his family. 

He was replaced by Kristin Gaines (Alexa Davalos). Then, Roxy Sternberg announced she was pregnant, making it likely Barnes would need time off. 

But nothing could have prepared fans for Julian McMahon’s shocking announcement he was leaving the series to pursue other roles. After much speculation, his final episode aired on March 11.

In a stunning hour, just as he and girlfriend Sarah were ready for a vacation, Jess was shot and killed defending a woman from an abusive stalker. 

The latest episode had the team mourning him, which led to tension between the members. They came together with Sarah and Jess’ father, Byron, to toast their lost friend. 

Now, fresh off his run on Law & Order: Organized Crime, Dylan McDermott will join as the new team leader, Remy Scott. 

Who is the new team leader on FBI: Most Wanted?

People Magazine’s latest issue has the exclusive first images of McDermott as Scott and an explanation of his character and background. Wolf Entertainment also shared further details.

Remy will debut in the April 12 episode, titled Covenant. Described as “charming,” he’ll be doing his best to bond with the team. 

“Remy’s new job brings him back to his hometown of New York City after working out of state for some time. His career experiences include roles at the New York FBI Field Office and Vegas Fugitive Task Force as well as handling violent crimes out of Philadelphia. In returning to Brooklyn, where both his mother and sister still live, Remy will get in touch with his past and will be quietly relishing his return to NY.C., his Manhattan apartment and seeing old friends again.”

The family connections show Scott may be a warmer man than fans expected. He will have the challenge of stepping into Jess’ shoes and handling the dark cases the Task Force deals with. 

McDermott mentioned to People how it felt to join the cast. “It was instant electricity between me and the cast of FBI: Most Wanted. It was as if we had been working together for years!”

While FBI: Most Wanted fans will always miss Jess, McDermott’s arrival shows the series will continue focusing on the cases, and the new boss will bring fresh energy to the series.

FBI: Most Wanted airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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