FBI: International: the 10 biggest moments of Season 1

FBI International
FBI: International Season 1 ran 2021-22. Pic credit: CBS

When it was announced that the FBI franchise was expanding with a global edition, there was intrigue about how it could work. 

FBI: International had a big debut as part of a three-part premiere crossover event but has quickly established itself as another huge hit for the franchise. 

The Fly Team, who travel across Europe to protect Americans in danger, has handled everything from run-of-the-mill murders to full-on terrorist plots.

It’s also dealt with some interesting personal dynamics, from the backstories of a few agents to the unique relationship between its leads.

From its first episode, the series has been giving fans some huge surprises, which didn’t stop over the year. 

With its first year now wrapped up and anticipation building for Season 2, these are ten of the biggest moments that made FBI: International Season 1 so successful and why fans can’t wait to see it topped in its second year. 

10. Forrester and Kellet’s secret

FBI: International
Kellett (Heida Reed) and Forrester (Luke Kleintank) at home on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

As FBI: International began, the dynamic of leaders Scott Forrester and Jamie Kellett seemed set. 

It was much like the relationship between Maggie and OA on the main FBI, colleagues and friends who trusted each other and balanced each other out.

The pair bantered a bit in the pilot episode, but it seemed a professional relationship as they helped bust a human trafficker. 

That’s what made it so stunning when the final scene had Forrester coming home to find Kellett waiting in bed, revealing the pair had been a couple for some time. 

The revelation the main leads were in a relationship was an unexpected turn that would shape the series and the first time the show threw fans for a loop. 

9. Kellett is shot

FBI: International
Kellett (Heida Reed) leads Forrester (Luke Kleintank) on a tough case on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

While Forrester and Kellett maintained a professional air on the job, their feelings for each other were always clear. 

However, that was tested early on when Kellett got an offer for a job back stateside. Forrester vowed to find a way to convince her to stay with him and the team. 

The choice was taken out of their hands when Kellett was shot trying to find some thieves. Forrester was affected deeply as he tried to keep his eye on the case. 

Thankfully, Kellett pulled through, making her realize she was better off staying with the team and Forrester. It was a scary scene yet showed more of the bond the pair had that would push the show.

8. Tank’s health woes

FBI International
Forrester (Luke Kleintank) and Tank chase a suspect on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

Next to Kellett, the most important person in Forrester’s life is the team’s beloved hound, Tank. 

Forrester had been close to quitting the FBI over some problems when he met Tank, and their bond made him appreciate the job more. 

Thus, Forrester was affected when Tank became sick and tearful as he was checked out by a veterinarian and worried about his future.

He was even willing to cut short a mission to be with his dog during surgery but had to see it through. Luckily, Tank managed to get through that surgery and back to aiding the team in various missions.

Given how popular the hound has become, it’s little wonder Forrester was worried about possibly losing his four-legged friend. 

7. The breakup

FBI International
Kellett (Heida Reed) and Forrester (Luke Kleintank) make small talk during a case on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

Balancing a relationship with a job as tough as the Fly Team is always challenging. Sadly, Forrester and Kellett couldn’t manage it. 

Kellett was being questioned over possibly letting go a woman who killed the man responsible for her sister’s death. The agent in charge began bringing up her and Forrester as a couple.

Forrester was ready to lie about the pair being together, but Kellett knew that could jeopardize his job. 

She thus declared she and Forrester needed a break even as they kept working together.

They still clearly have that connection and a one-night stand, yet seeing this strong couple unable to handle a romance on the job was tough. 

6. Forrester’s mom issues

Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Mitchell guest-stars as Forrester’s (Luke Kleintank) mom on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

There are mother issues, and then there’s what Forrester goes through.

The second episode revealed his backstory as Forrester’s mother, Angela, had been an attache who, in 2005, gave files to Russia and then vanished.

Growing up as the son of a traitor was tough and explained a lot of Forrester’s trust issues. So he was upset when Angela (Elizabeth Mitchell) came back into his life.

She claimed her “treason” was an undercover job for the CIA, but Forrester wasn’t sure if he should believe her. He was tempted to lead Angela into a trap for the CIA but instead let her go.

The question of whose side his mother is on continues to haunt Forrester, making this one awkward family reunion. 

5. Raines goes rogue

Raines FBI
Raines (Carter Redwood) goes rogue on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

Raines began the series as the “numbers guy” looking over data but wanted to prove himself as a field agent.

He got his chance to take down a terrorist holding hostages, but he was also guilty of taking a life. 

But Raines was put through a harder time when his sister was abducted in Kosovo. Risking his career, Raines went rogue to track her down, working with some local cops against a deadly trafficking ring. 

Raines was nearly killed but still went all out to save his sister and made it seem like it was a “joint investigation” with Europol to boot. 

Forrester had to understand Raines going so far for his family, which proved his mettle. 

4. Vo hardens up

FBI International
Vo (Vinessa Videtto) and Raines (Carter Redwood) deal with an attack on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

Cameron Vo was the newbie of the team in the pilot and had to learn the ropes of the job fast.

While she had a bright outlook, Vo soon discovered how harsh the job could be. Notably was when her boyfriend was among those badly injured in a bombing

While Vo captured the bomber, she realized she couldn’t put someone she cared about in jeopardy with her job to break it off.

Later in the season, Vo was approached by an old friend who needed help. But Vo realized her “friend” was using her to cover up his own crimes to arrest him. 

They were both harsh lessons for Vo in how rough being on the Fly Team was and forced her to harden herself for the tough job to come. 

3. Forrester’s heartbreak

Luke Kleintank
Forrester (Luke Kleintank) goes on a date on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

Even though he clearly carried a torch for Kellett, Forrester did try his hand at a new romance.

After talking with local translator Sara for some time, Forrester began dating her, and at first, it went great. 

But when he found Sara had a connection to a case involving a cruise smuggling/shooting, Forrester accused her of manipulating him. It was obvious his problems with his mother led Forrester to suspect anyone. 

Sara was proven innocent but realized Forrester’s mistrust would mar any possible romance and broke it off with him. 

It was sad for Forrester and a realization of how he drove people away, and his mistrust issues became a major problem for him. 

2. Jaeger’s near-miss firing

Katrin Jaeger (Christiane Paul) faces a case on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

While usually their liaison to other forces, Jaeger proved herself as a tough advocate for the team. That made her nearly being fired a major issue.

Jaeger fought back when her arrogant supervisor tried to take over a case. After it nearly went wrong, the man blamed Jaeger for it to fire her from Europol.

Fortunately, the team was able to use political clout to solve another case not only to get Jaeger her job back but to have that boss fired. 

Jaeger ended up with a promotion which means she can’t be the team’s liaison in Season 2.

Yet this was a great showcase for how much the team respects Jaeger to go so far as to let her stay at her job helping them. 

1. Forrester’s hunt for the truth

FBI International
Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank) faces a challenge in the FBI: International Season 1 finale. Pic credit: CBS

The Season 1 finale was a wild ride for both Forrester and the team. 

When his mother contacted him about an airplane shot down, Forrester searched for answers, even though it risked making him a fugitive.

In a wild chase, Forrester learned his mother had been working for the CIA but remaining deep undercover. He had a choice to go to her but elected to help a Russian agent defect.

Angela contacted Scott one last time to tell him not to come after her. While respecting that, Forrester does hope he and his mom can have a reunion.

However, there was one last turn as the brother of a man Forrester was forced to kill in the case was seen hunting the team, indicating there’s still danger to come.

That closed out the first season of FBI: International boldly and left fans excited for what’s to come in Season 2. 

FBI: International Season 2 airs Tuesdays this fall on CBS.

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