FBI: International recap: a team member is in danger in an intense case

FBI International
Forrester (Luke Kleintank) and Tank chase a suspect on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

The latest FBI: International episode not only put one team member in danger but led to a big personal decision among the Fly Team. 

Secrets As Weapons was a thrilling episode with Scott Forrester put through his biggest test as team leader when partner/lover Jamie Kellett was in the line of fire. 

A deadly hijacking occurs

In the Swiss Alps, what appeared to be an American couple on vacation were pulled over by masked men who executed the man with the woman (Tonya Glanz), quickly giving up something hidden in their suitcase. Before the leader (Leander Vyvey) could execute her, too, she threw herself down a hill to escape, ending up badly wounded. 

In bed together, Forrester claimed he once made the mistake of letting go of someone he cared for and wanted Kellett to stay. However, Kellett was still taking her new position and wanted to finally pick a spot to finish her career.

They headed to the office where Reed and Vo were bantering before Kellett and Forrester brought in info. The pair were Chet Lewis and Melissa Miller, former cops now working security for Wellnix, a crypto-currency vault in the Swiss Alps. The thieves had stolen “wallets” that were the equivalent of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency. 

In Munich, the team met Jaeger and Swiss cop Dante Graf (Dominik Tiefenthaler), with Forrester actually playing nice for a change. An injured Melissa related that she and Chet had been dating but couldn’t tell who the attackers were or who the wallets belonged to.

Kellett decided to check on an old contact in Munich for info and bantered with Forrester on possible vacation spots.

Kellett is in the crossfire

At Wellnix, the rest of the team met Steve Webb (Fredric Lehne), the billionaire businessman owner of the wallets, who was taking it to security chief Leland Schmid ( Thue Rasmussen)and consultant Gene Pruett (James Sobol Kelly) over the robbery. Webb was naturally upset about the robbery, with Schmid caring more about the discretion involved. 

Kellett came to see her contact, Hoschi (Adam Wittek), and saw a strange car outside the building, writing the license plate number on her hand. Hoschi’s behavior made Kellett realize someone was there with her calling up Forrester. 

Kellett realized she was in the middle of a shakedown with Hoschi running and was shot dead. Kellett attacked the man (János Radák) and got a bullet as well before managing to lock herself into a room with Forrester helplessly listening to it all.

Forrester arrived in time to see Jamie being moved into an ambulance. He tried to pull himself together to examine the crime scene and pressed Webb, who claimed he had been hacked years back and preferred his cryptocurrency in “cold storage.” 

Forrester soon figured out that Webb was hiding as much of his cryptocurrency as possible to keep his ex-wife from getting it and accused him of setting this robbery up as part of the scheme. Webb just laughed it off before leaving. A talk with Schmid revealed it was Pruett’s idea to move the wallets.

Forrester takes it personally

Jaeger gave Forrester the word that Kellett was going for major surgery. The rest of the team figured Melissa was clean as they found security footage of the shooter leaving the apartment. 

They then heard someone had called Webb to demand a ransom for the wallets. Webb himself refused to cooperate as “you’re after blood and I just want my money back,” which nearly had Forrester punching him and Graf claiming Swiss neutrality. 

Thankfully, Kellett’s surgery was a success, and she’s ready to pull through. Forrester saw her unconscious in her bed, saying, “I don’t know what I’d have done without you.” He then noticed the numbers still written on her hand. 

Forrester briefly checked with Isobel (Alana de la Garza), saying Kellett has no other family and brushed off her having a boyfriend. They realized the numbers were the plate for a rental car that was found burnt-out in an alley.

The car ended up being rented by Schmid, who Forrester dragged (literally) into an interrogation. Schmid quickly gave up how he was approached by Hoschi and a man named Kristian Hess to pull off this robbery. Schmid emphasized he had no idea anyone would be killed and could still contact Hess. 

The takedown and the decision

Schmid managed to talk to Hess, giving the team a chance to get a bead on his location in a nearby cafe where he was trying to sell the cryptocurrency back to Webb. Hess’ aide (the man who shot Kellett) warned him they were being watched, setting off a car chase. 

Hess took off on foot with Tank chasing him down, but the shooter got away. Hess refused to give up the other man’s name unless his girlfriend got Swiss citizenship, finally identifying him as Ulrich Zimmerman. 

Forrester took great pleasure in arresting Zimmerman. He took even greater pleasure in punching Webb in the face when the man complained about losing a few million dollars on this deal with Graf mockingly refusing to arrest Forrester as “I’m Swiss, we’re neutral.”

The team met a now awake Kellett in her hospital bed as she’d need a few days to recover. She told Forrester that the shooting made her realize what was important as she decided to stay with the Fly Team and, more importantly, him. 

So while a close call for Kellett, it appears the case will only strengthen the bond between her and Forrester, although it is questionable how long they can hide the relationship from the rest of the team. 

FBI: International airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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