Fans think Jeremiah Buoni from Floribama Shore is on steroids

Jermiah Buoni with a bodyguard on Floribama Shore.
Fans are concerned that Jeremiah Buoni from Floribama Shore is on steroids. Pic credit: MTV

Jeremiah Buoni has Floribama Shore fans thinking he is on steroids after he raged against Gus Smyrnios on the latest episodes. The bros went head to head after Nilsa brought home a man who disrespected Gus.

Things got incredibly intense with the friends after the blowout with Nilsa’s date happened. Jeremiah Buoni went to follow him and in that process, Gus Smyrnios got upset.

Remember, they had been drinking before coming back to the Floribama Shore house, which only added fuel to the fire.

Seeing Jeremiah Buoni rage as he did had social media buzzing about whether he is using steroids. His fitness is a huge deal to him, and throughout a few seasons, he had buffed up a lot.

The guys often workout while filming the show, but some Floribama Shore fans believe there is more going on with Jeremiah than working out.

The emotional range Jeremiah Buoni had during last night’s episode of Floribama Shore stunned viewers. He went from complete rage to crying and circled back and forth at least twice.

The damage done between Jeremiah and Gus Smyrnios could be irreparable. Things were said, and it was revealed that the two had ill feelings toward the other.

Last night’s argument between Jeremiah Buoni and Gus Smyrnios was one of the most intense things to happen on Floribama Shore. Viewers were both shocked and disappointed at how things went down, knowing this could change the dynamic forever moving forward.

Will this spill over into next week? It’s possible, given Gus Smyrnios wants to teach Jeremiah Buoni a lesson.

They were all out with the lady he is talking to, and when it looked like Gus may be moving in, trouble was definitely on the way as well. That, coupled with Mattie Breaux blowing into town, will make for a must-see episode.

Floribama Shore airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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